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    Hyster Class I, II and III electric lift trucks powered with Nuvera fuel cell systems provide a fast-fueled power option that replace lead acid batteries. The Nuvera fuel cell system is designed and built to provide customer return on investment over the lifecycle of the product.

    In an effort to increase productivity and operational efficiency through clean, non-combustive, nonemissive and sustainable technology, Canadian Tire Corporation (CTC) chose hydrogen fuel cell technology to replace lead acid batteries to power forklifts in two Ontario distribution centers. Wajax Equipment, the exclusive dealer for Hyster® across Canada, will deploy the fuel cells manufactured by Nuvera Fuel Cells and provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services for these clean hydrogen fuelled systems. CTC conducted five years of testing and evaluation on hydrogen fuel cells and the expertise Hyster® provided in mobile equipment and direct involvement in supporting its subsidiary Nuvera was a contributing factor to the selection of their fuel cell technology.

    Nuvera Power


    Fuel cell-powered lift trucks are refueled in minutes, offering a highly productive alternative to the changing and recharging of lead acid batteries, plus a clean, emissions-free alternative to internal combustion engines.
    Nuvera Fueling


    Hydrogen dispensers can be located where operators need them. So grabbing productivity is easy.
    Nuvera Generation


    On-site hydrogen generation can enable cost-effective and efficient fuel supply. Practical hydrogen supply options are now in your hands.

    Operational Benefits:

    Increase productivity

    Use of hydrogen fuel cells in materials handling is becoming more prevalent because they offer the benefits of electricity with the convenience of fuel.

    Reduced energy use

    Generating hydrogen on-site from natural gas and water can significantly reduce your electrical consumption, and help avoid costly peak demand charges.

    Support sustainability initiatives

    Reduce greenhouse emissions gas emissions by 33% compared to lead acid batteries.

    Healthy workplace

    Once installed, fuel cell systems remain in truck – no handling to repower, no sulfur off-gassing, and zero emissions – all to improve workplace health.

    Space savings

    Implementing fuel cell systems and hydrogen solutions allows you to remove battery chargers, changing stations, and washing facilities to help reclaim significant space inside your facility, as well as re-assess electrical capacity, waste management, work flow, logistics, and other operational requirements..

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    Drive value with hydrogen

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