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    Hyster® Big Trucks Work Hard All Day, Every Day

    Lumberyard operators demand Big Trucks that can handle long runs and high loads without unplanned downtime..

    We know that Big Trucks are a key link in your production process. Keeping them moving at peak efficiency means lumber gets to your customers when they need it.

    Hyster® Big Trucks are engineered to operate at a high pace in hot, dusty environments while maximizing uptime. Models including the H190-280HD2, H300-360HD2 and H360-48HD offer features designed to let them run hard all day, every day:

    • Robust on-demand cooling for operations involving moving kin cars
    • Optional high mount air intake pre-cleaner to minimize dust clogging the engine
    • Easy bumper to bumper service access through tilting cab, gull-wing doors
    • Hyster Tracker real-time telemetry
    Hyster arrow  right Work Doesn’t Stop. Your Trucks Can’t, Either.

    Every Hyster® Big Truck is designed, engineered and manufactured to overcome heat, hard use, heavy loads and other challenges that can bring trucks and operations to a halt. Long service hours, day after day, don't prevent Hyster® Big Trucks from getting the job done.


    Hyster Lumber Truck

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