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    No Matter the Conditions, Hyster® Big Trucks are Hard at Work

    Lift. Move. Lower. Repeat day in day out, in the toughest conditions with a wide range of loads.

    Big Trucks are a key link in your supply chain. Keeping them moving at peak efficiency means your products get to your customers when they need them.

    Hyster® Big Trucks are engineered to operate in challenging environments while maintaining the uptime you demand. Models such as the H300-360HD2, H360-36/48HD, H550-700HD/S and H800-1050HD/S can be equipped with steel application specific solutions to deal with heat, dust and tire wear to keep your truck productive:

    • A chain-less direct lift mast, fire resistant hydraulic fluid and integrated heat shields help Hyster® Big Trucks deal with excessive heat
    • Tire shields reduce wear on tires inflicted by scrap debris and driving into obstacles such as coil edges
    • Reduce downtime due to dust clogging the engine with an extended pre-cleaner and on-demand cooling reducing fan induced dust
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    Load types change, but the challenges mills hand out don't. Every Hyster® Big Truck is designed, engineered and manufactured to resist forces that can bring trucks—and operations—to a halt. Rack up service hours, day after day. Hyster® Big Trucks are designed to deal with heat, shock and impacts, dust, and tire damage so they don't have to slow down.


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