• Big Trucks approach fleet safety from all angles

    Operating Big Trucks offers unique safety challenges. Big Trucks are constantly changing their movements. Raising, lowering, advancing, reversing, turning and often making multiple moves at once. In addition, they sometimes operate in confined spaces and in close proximity to people. That’s why Hyster takes a 360-degree approach to enabling operators to safely operate Big Trucks.

    Object detection and proximity sensors

    The overall goal of proximity and object detection systems is to help operators stay focused on the load and the driving path, while increasing awareness of people, machines and other objects like racks or containers nearby. When it comes to object detection, Hyster can install multiple sensors to enhance safety that adjust their range with vehicle speed. These include straight line detection as well as during turning maneuvers where the tail of the truck is either leading or swinging. When an object is detected, the operator can be warned through haptic and audible alerts like a vibration and buzzer. Proximity sensors enable truck-to-truck and truck-to-pedestrian awareness with similar alerts.

    Perimeter cameras

    Hyster® Big Trucks are designed to provide operators with a clear line of sight and exceptional all-around visibility. They are also engineered to meet industry standards and OSHA regulations in their standard configurations. The addition of cameras in key placements, however, may help aid the operator in identifying hazards in certain applications. To keep operators focused on the load and the path ahead, cameras can be set to activate only when an object is detected and then display an image on screen. Multiple camera views can be stitched together into one image so the operator doesn’t have to spend valuable seconds trying to figure out what view a camera is displaying.

    Real-time telemetry systems

    A telemetry system like Hyster Tracker is best known for helping maximize fleet efficiency. It can also help enhance safety through controlled operator access, real-time data tracking, proactive maintenance alerts and reactive impact and fault codes. This data can help you gain insight into the details surrounding an incident to help reduce the likelihood of similar incidents occurring in the future. GPS tracking data also helps identify areas within an operation that may present a safety issue such as congestion-prone areas. Because the system is wireless and cloud-based, it sends notifications via email and allows remote access to reports and management dashboards.

    Talk to your Hyster dealer

    Your Hyster® dealer can help create a comprehensive safety solution for your operation. Whether you’re interested in adding these systems to existing trucks or adding new Hyster® trucks equipped with these systems to your fleet.