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    High Loads and Hard Work Won’t Slow Down Hyster® Big Trucks

    Lift. Move. Lower. Repeat day in, day out.

    Hyster® Big Trucks handle a range of high loads while overcoming dust, impact shock loads and the toughest yard conditions.

    Hyster® Big Trucks are engineered to keep operations moving while maintaining the uptime you demand. Models including the H190-280HD2, H210-250/48HD, H300-360HD2, and H360-36/48HD offer features designed to maximize uptime:

    • 48 inch extended load centers available on several models
    • Robust front end designs
    • Accumulators to provide cushioning against impact shock loads
    • Easy bumper to bumper service access through tilting cab, gull-wing doors
    • Optional high mount air intake pre-cleaner to minimize dust clogging the engine
    • Hyster Tracker real-time telemetry
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    Loads vary, but the challenges your trucks face don't. Every Hyster® Big Truck is designed, engineered and manufactured to resist forces that can bring operations to a halt. Hyster trucks are built to deal with shock impacts and dust, that’s why concrete yard operators like you turn to Hyster.


    Hyster Lumber Truck

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