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    Hyster® Big Trucks: Ready & Reliable

    Hyster® Big Trucks are ready to support mining operations by maximizing productivity.

    We design and engineer every Hyster® Big Truck to minimize downtime. Models including the H120FT-TH5 through H550HD-TH35 and H155FT-TH5K115 through H620HD-TH36K164L offer features that keep them operating at peak efficincy:

    • Designed for easy serviceability
    • Plug and play attachment compatability, for quick changes
    • Optimized settings for tire handler flows and pressure from the factory
    • Hydraulic fall-back protection
    • Hyster Tracker real-time telemetry
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    Hyster® Big Trucks deliver robust performance to cope with rough conditions and maintenance scheduling challenges.

    Mining operations present a variety of loads to manage, and Hyster® trucks are up to the job. Every Hyster® Big Truck is designed, engineered and manufactured to operate hour after hour, day after day, when operations demand.


    Hyster Lumber Truck

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