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    A Safety Feature that Also Boosts Uptime

    Your Big Trucks operate in a tough environment. Remote monitoring can help keep an eye on service needs to help maintain uptime, and at the same time raise awareness of safety issues and support operators and MHSA regulation compliance.

    Hyster Tracker is our wireless asset management platform for real-time telemetry, and it comes as standard equipment on every Hyster® Big Truck, including models specifically designed for the challenging conditions the mining industry dishes out:

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    Hyster Tracker helps operators focus on what’s in front of them, while it:

    • Controls or prevents operator access to trucks
    • Assists with pre-shift operator checklists, to support OSHA compliance
    • Monitors KPIs to detect potential service problems that can impact safety
    • Provides GPS proximity data which can predict congestion areas where safety issues are more likely to occur, or to provide critical details when examining incidents

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    Talk Safety With Your Hyster® Dealer

    Talk to your Hyster® dealer about how we address the unique demands of mining industry operators and deliver unique solutions for safety and productivity.

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