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Hyster® Tyre Handlers Help Increase Mining Machine Uptime

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Hyster has introduced a new series of tyre handling trucks for mining and earth moving equipment industries. The Hyster Tyre Handlers help to provide fast and cost effective changing of giant tyres on heavy duty mining trucks, while ensuring maximum protection for mechanics. 

Tyre HandlersThe latest Hyster Big Truck range from H8XM-6 up to H32XM-12, in combination with the new IMT tyre handling attachments, TH5K115 up to TH36K164, can help mechanics to quickly change the tyres on large haulage trucks, loaders or scrapers in mining applications.

The Hyster Tyre Handler (TH) models accurately handle tyre weights between 200kg and 16,330kg, with tyre diameters ranging from 710 mm up to a colossal 4,166mm. The attachments feature front pads that firmly grip the tyre in the required position for changing, while providing fall back arm protection for the mechanics.

“To ensure maximum uptime of the mining equipment, efficient first time right tyre removal and installation is key” says Norbert Brünell, Senior Product Strategy Manager Big Trucks EMEA from NACCO Materials Handling Group. “Visibility, controllability and manoeuvrability are important in order to achieve this.”

Visibility is required to precisely position the wheel rim in front of the studs without damaging the haul truck parts and to always keep a view on the mechanic. Hyster has worked to create the best mounting designs for the TH attachment, further optimising the great visibility offered by the Hyster® Vista™ Cab.

Controllability is important to push the rim over the studs. “To mount the wheel you need finger tip control over your hydraulic functions and a predictable direct response” he says. “This is why we perfectly matched our load-sensing hydraulic system to the need of each specific TH attachment.” The calibrated TH control software is installed at the factory.

Inside the driver's cab, up to ten easy-to-control hydraulic functions help to accurately position the big tyres including lifting, tilting, side shifting, clamping, clamp body rotating  (+/- 50° each side), pad rotation (360° endless) and fall back arm protection. The Hyster Tyre Handlers can also disassemble the rim parts and the rim from the tyre itself.

To transport the tyres, the driver can only operate the trucks when the tyres are in a horizontal position, which prevents the tyres rolling away if loosened. Large tilt capabilities also allow the driver to raise the grip arms to the centre of the tyre without lifting the mast, ensuring maximum visibility over the attachment during travel.

In most cases haul truck axle repairs or wheel changes are carried out in workshop areas where manoeuvring space is scarce, so the high capacity short wheelbase Hyster models are a great benefit.

“We have created a truly plug and play optimised solution that can start working immediately after arrival at the mine site” Norbert adds.

Mines can choose either a dedicated Hyster Tyre Handler or a dual use truck that can quickly disconnect the handling attachment to become a Hyster forklift.

"Hang-on" hook type or pin type carriages give the increased flexibility of switching from a tyre handler to a Hyster forklift truck in approximately ten minutes, with the option of a side shift and fork positioning carriage. When used as a forklift truck, lift capacity options range from 8 to 32 tonnes.

"Hyster dual function trucks can help reduce the number of service vehicles in the mining truck fleet and reduce costs," says Norbert, explaining that separate forklifts are often employed to handle large mining vehicle components such as engines and axles, which in some cases may no longer be required.

Like all heavy capacity Hyster trucks, there is an exceptionally durable driveline with a robust drive axle and advanced smooth auto-shift transmission system, featuring protective lock-out on forward-reverse shifting, and there are engine protection systems to ensure reliable operation.

All Hyster Tyre Handlers are built in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and feature class-leading lift speeds and the Hyster Vista cab, which offers an outstanding range of ergonomic features for the driver and excellent visibility. This helps to ensure the trucks are exceptionally reliable and deliver a low cost of operation in the demanding mining environment and severe weather conditions.

Hyster provides a complete range of materials handling equipment and has carefully selected a worldwide network of local distribution partners, based on the strength of their customer support capability and outstanding service ethic, to provide expert consultancy and responsive local service and parts supply. For more information about the full range of Hyster materials handling equipment, visit