Laden Container Handler


The Hyster® laden container handler delivers unmatched first row box-rates.

  • Operator-friendly cabin
  • High-performance powertrain
  • Fast spreader engagement
  • Energy-efficient
  • Enhanced optimization
Industry Best

Designed for operations where fast first row box rates are essential. Due to their superior speed, these machines also provide an alternative to ReachStackers when second and third row container storage is not required.

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The Hyster® laden container handler performs container shunting operations at exceptional speeds, reliably and with a low cost of operation.

These laden container handlers feature the robust Hyster® mast and spreader and can stack laden containers three, four and five high in the first row offering fuel savings of up to 20%.

Operator-friendly cabin

The new ergonomically design high visibility cab puts greater productivity within easy reach.
Equipped with an armoured glass top window, curved front and rear windows and steel doors with tempered glass, the new operator cab provides excellent all-around visibility. Inside the cab there is more space with the largest entry area in the industry, more control with a full-colour screen displaying performance data at the operator’s fingertips and more comfort with an exclusive lateral sliding seat, adjustable steering column and foot pedal, plus ergonomic controls.

High-performance powertrain

The robust, high-performance powertrain has built-in engine and transmission protection systems providing maximum reliability and a low total cost of ownership. The heavy duty industrial use engine comes with a cast iron cylinder block and no HT (high tension) wires, distributor caps or rotors. Super quick glow plugs allow the engine to start quickly and reliably under cold conditions, the cold start device delivering a cleaner exhaust by advancing the fuel injection timing based on water temperature. while emissions have been reduced by controlling fuel injection timing according to engine load.

Performance optimization developments are included such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most applications.

Fast spreader engagement
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The truck’s ECO-eLo performance mode intelligently reduces energy consumption without affecting performance. Oil-immersed brakes on the drive axle feature oil cooling for durability and are virtually maintenance free. The drive axle itself has reinforced spindles offering excellent sideways stability and long-term durability thanks to the strong end reduction shafts and gears. The wide heavy duty steer axle features a double acting, single steering cylinder with non-adjustable tie rods and has low maintenance requirements.

Enhanced optimization

Trucks feature performance optimisation developments such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics, RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most applications.