High Capacity Internal Combustion Trucks Pneumatic Tyre

Heavy Duty Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre



Heavy duty fork lift power for the tough applications

  • Robust design
  • Energy-efficient
  • New ergonomic cab
  • Optimised hydraulics
  • Extended service intervals
Industry Best

Distribution centres and warehouse operations. Most suitable for internal use over short distances. Loading and unloading pallets.

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The Hyster® H16-18XD range of heavy-duty forklift trucks is engineered for maximum dependability in the most demanding applications.

The truck offers the best fuel economy in the market, with up to 20% lower fuel consumption compared to other leading competitive products.

Robust design

Every truck in the ranges features a heavy-duty, robust design that includes high strength frame, masts, forks and carriages.

The mast, with robust channels, rollers, stub shafts and chain anchors, is designed to excel in the most challenging conditions. Whilst the multipurpose, hook-type, side shift, fork positioning carriage is available for the toughest applications and heaviest loads.

A range of different fork and front-end attachments are also available to suit almost every

  • Pin Type carriage +/- independent or simultaneous Fork Positioner
  • Pin Type Side Shift frame carriage +/-independent or simultaneous Fork Positioner
  • Pin Type Dual Function carriage with Side Shift and independent Fork positioner
  • Hook Type Dual Function carriage with Side Shift and Fork positioner (independent or simultaneous FP)
  • Hook Type Dual Function carriage with Side Shift and Fork positioner for Quick Disconnect forks (independent or simultaneous FP)
  • Hook Type Dual Function carriage with Side Shift and Fork positioner for Quick Disconnect forks and 2 auxiliary valves to control a hang-on attachment with 2 hydraulic functions

The heavy duty industrial use engine comes with a cast iron cylinder block and no HT (high tension) wires, distributor caps or rotors. Super quick glow plugs allow the engine to start quickly and reliably under cold conditions, the cold start device delivering a cleaner exhaust by advancing the fuel injection timing based on water temperature. Whilst emissions have been reduced by controlling fuel injection timing according to engine load.

New performance optimisation developments are included such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most applications. ECO-eLo performance mode reduces energy consumption by up to 15% compared with previous generation engines and without compromising productivity.

New ergonomic cab

The new ergonomically design high visibility cab puts greater productivity within easy reach. Equipped with an armoured glass top window, curved front and rear windows and steel doors with tempered glass, the new operator cab provides excellent all-around visibility.

Inside the cab there is more space with the largest entry area in the industry, more control with a full-colour screen displaying performance data at the operator’s fingertips and more comfort with an exclusive lateral sliding seat, adjustable steering column and foot pedal, plus ergonomic controls.

Optimised hydraulics

The on-demand hydraulics system only delivers flow or pressure when required, while Deutsch connectors are fitted as standard to provide an IP64 rating.

Extended service intervals

All major components are easy to access, enabling quick and easy maintenance and longer service intervals. Designed to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. Hyster trucks use only the most reliable industrial quality components to keep your equipment and your
operation running smoothly.

Hyster trucks also offer simple access, state of the art fault finding diagnostics plus unrivalled parts availability – everything to make servicing and maintenance faster and easier.
12 months / 2000 hours Manufacturer’s warranty provides operators with added peace of mind. For servicing, the tilting cab provides easy access to all major components, enabling quick and easy maintenance and longer service intervals.