High Capacity Internal Combustion Trucks Pneumatic Tire

Heavy Duty Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tyre



Solid and agile heavy-duty forklifts that deliver proven performance and low running costs

  • Extensive attachment options
  • Energy efficiency
  • New ergonomic cab
  • High-performance powertrain
  • Built for extreme temperatures
Industry Best

Ideal for use in heavy applications such as steel, aluminium, container and block handling. The trucks can also can work in extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C up to

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With nine models to suit specific heavy-duty applications, the H25-32XD series provides high productivity, reliability, fuel efficiency and outstanding driver comfort to deliver an excellent return on investment.

These solid machines have proven their reliability and strength in heavy applications around the world, particularly in aluminium, steel, block and container handling applications.

Extensive attachment options

A wide range of different carriage, fork, mast and front-end attachments, including container spreaders and coil rams, is available.

The dual function carriage design – with quick disconnect forks for fast attachment exchange and standard sideshift with fork-positioners – offers unique flexibility to handle many different types of loads

Fork configurations include;

  • 3040mm wide DF side shift and fork positioning carriage, hook type mount (H25XD)
  • 3200mm wide DF side shift and fork positioning carriage, hook type mount (H28-32XD)
  • 280 X 105 X 2.440 mm long hook type forks (H25XD)
  • 300 X 105 X 2.440 mm long hook type forks (H28-32XD)

The robust masts have extra strength thanks to the unique ‘six-roller’ construction for lift heights up to 6.81m and mast tilt of 6 degrees forward and 10 degrees back. Mast configurations include;

  • 2 stage NFL Mast with maximum fork height of 3655mm with 3794mm overall lowered height on the H25XD model
  • 2 stage NFL Mast with maximum fork height of 3655mm with 3919mm overall lowered height on the H28-32XD models
Energy efficiency

Intelligent CAN bus technology permits adjustment and optimization of the truck’s performance, in addition to monitoring key functions. This enables quick, easy diagnostics and minimizes repair downtime.

In addition, The ECO-eLo Fuel Efficiency Mode can be used which reduces the maximum engine speed and optimizes fuel efficiency even more.

Stage IV compliant designs employ EGR engine technology to reduce emissions, which means that the end users in regulated regions can continue to operate as previously, by adding Diesel fuel to the tank with no additional equipment, additives or maintenance regimes, unlike SCR technology.

New ergonomic cab

The new ergonomically design high visibility cab puts greater productivity within easy reach. Equipped with an armoured glass top window, curved front and rear windows and steel doors with tempered glass, the new operator cab provides excellent all-around visibility.

Inside the cab there is more space with the largest entry area in the industry, more control with a full-colour screen displaying performance data at the operator’s fingertips and more comfort with an exclusive lateral sliding seat, adjustable steering column and foot pedal,
plus ergonomic controls.

High-performance powertrain

The high-performance powertrain has built-in engine and transmission protection systems, providing maximum reliability and a low total cost of ownership. Operating speeds are class leading contributing to lower cost of operation. The heavy duty industrial use engine comes with a cast iron cylinder block and no HT (high tension) wires, distributor caps or rotors. Super quick glow plugs allow the engine to start quickly and reliably under cold conditions, the cold start device delivering a cleaner exhaust by advancing the fuel injection timing based on water temperature. while emissions have been reduced by controlling fuel injection timing according to engine load. Performance optimization developments are included such as cooling on demand, load sensing hydraulics (power on demand), RPM management and alternate engine idle speed to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in most applications. ECO-eLo performance mode reduces energy consumption by up to 15% compared with previous generation engines and without compromising productivity.

Built for extreme temperatures

Built for extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 50°C, the trucks provide a perfect solution for challenging heavy industry operations anywhere in the world.


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