Reach Truck with Tilting Mast



Tough, intelligent, dependable and efficient. Introducing a truck that’s built to work in the narrowest of aisles

  • High visibility tilting mast
  • Powerful acceleration
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Energy-efficient
  • CANbus technology
Industry Best

Initially designed for retail operations due to its operational excellence in confined spaces.

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The Hyster® Reach Truck with tilting mast offers exceptional benefits for applications where space is at a premium.

With a small chassis, lift height of up to 7.5m and capacity of up to 1,400kg, each truck in the range is ideally suited to manoeuvre in narrow aisles.

High visibility tilting mast

Perfect for narrow aisles, the tilting mast assists drivers as they exit a pallet location meaning they don’t need to reverse so far to exit and turn. There is excellent visibility through the mast and overhead guard and the tilting mast provides better visibility of the load when placing/removing from racking, reducing the risk of damage to materials.

Powerful acceleration

Thanks to powerful acceleration and a travel speed of up to 11km/h with and without a load and with a choice of 180°/360° steering for seamless direction changes in narrow aisles operators are able to work swiftly and smartly.

Ergonomic controls

The easy to reach mini levers, or optional joystick, mimic the natural shape of the hand, reducing operator fatigue over long shifts. The operator compartment is comfortable and easy to work in with the full suspension adjustable seat comes with integral lumbar support that reduces whole body vibration whilst operating the truck.


The truck’s ECO-eLo performance mode intelligently reduces energy consumption without affecting performance. Dependent on the application eco-eLo can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.

CANbus technology

To avoid damage and downtime the truck comes with a robust base frame, sealed connectors, dual CAN bus and proven components throughout. It is easy to work on, making for low-cost maintenance with long service intervals.


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