Financial Services

Hyster® Capital specializes in financing your lift truck needs.

Assistance in funding the Hyster® lift trucks you need now

Hyster Capital provides customers with leasing solutions for Hyster® lift truck acquisition needs. Whether you are acquiring 1, 5, 10 or an entire fleet of Hyster® lift trucks, Hyster Capital can offer a leasing program to meet those needs.

As the financial partner to Hyster Company and the local Hyster® dealer, Hyster Capital provides a convenient, flexible and economical alternative to an outright cash purchase. From ownership-type lease arrangements to true lease options that address tax and financial reporting concerns, Hyster Capital has a full complement of programs and products to allow acquisition of new Hyster® lift trucks.

There are many reasons to choose a financing solution for lift truck acquisitions. Here are some of the many benefits of financing with Hyster Capital:

  • Preserve working capital - Without the large capital outlay of a purchase, cash may be strategically re-invested into a customer business. Credit lines may also be saved for other operating needs.
  • Predictable and affordable payments - Lease payments can be structured to meet cash flow needs.
  • Leasing may help overcome capital budgeting restrictions and lengthy approval processes. Also, it may accelerate the process of obtaining the needed equipment.
  • Leasing provides flexibility to upgrade and add on as a business grows, while maintaining affordability. It may also allow customers to redeploy assets when the need arises.
  • A special Master Lease streamlines the acquisition of current and future trucks. Through this option, lease documents are reviewed and executed once, then all on-going acquisitions are added to the lease by simply completing a schedule.
  • With Hyster Capital as a single source for financing, an entire acquisition may be bundled into one easy, monthly payment. This service may eliminate the need to pay multiple invoices each month, thereby reducing overhead.

For more information about Hyster Capital, programs and products, please complete the contact form. Or, to speak with someone directly, please call 1-877-HYSTCAP (1-877-497-8227) toll free.