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    Internal Combustion Engines

    For heavy-duty outdoor and well-ventilated indoor applications, Hyster lift trucks powered by internal combustion engines deliver in the most demanding applications.

    • Exceptional Durability: Internal combustion engines have a long life and can handle your dirtiest, dustiest and coldest conditions. Extreme environments are no problem for internal combustion engines.
    • Consistent Power Delivery: Get reliable, consistent power on tap through multiple shifts with internal combustion engines.
    • No Electrical-Grid Dependency: Cut the cord and use internal combustion engines when electric power is not readily available. Benefit from the convenience of a standard engine that has stood the test of time.

    Schedule a consultation with your local Hyster® dealer or email us at PowerMatch@hyster.com to learn more about internal combustion engines and how our motive power expertise can help improve your operations.