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    Lead Acid Batteries

    Running a single shift or light 2-shift operation under a tight budget? Lead acid battery power may be your ideal match. Hyster lift trucks powered by lead-acid batteries are trusted and proven in a wide variety of applications..

    • LOW ACQUISITION COST: You can reap the benefits of a mature technology with relatively low startup cost. The lead acid battery delivers bulk power at the most economical cost. Among rechargeable batteries, lead acid has the lowest self-discharge.
    • WIDE-RANGING APPLICATIONS: Whether it’s moving products on a manufacturing floor or retrieving stock in a storage area, lead-acid batteries can power your lift trucks in many applications, making it a flexible option to tackle a variety of jobs. These batteries work best in moderate-temperature environments.
    • Time-Tested Technology: As a decades-old power source, lead-acid batteries are a trusted choice for electric forklift trucks. Over time, lead-acid batteries have evolved, now providing more powerful and efficient options than ever before.

    Schedule a consultation with your local Hyster® dealer or email us at PowerMatch@hyster.com to learn more about lead-acid batteries and how our motive power expertise can help improve your operations.