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Hyster® R-EX 2 Series launch

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October 11th, 2012,

Modern efficiencies for any warehouse

Improved operational speed and movement can effectively modernise even the oldest and tightest warehouse, with significant productivity and cost benefits.

The Hyster® R-EX 2 Electric Reach Forklift Series can make the difference where narrow aisles and other design limitations restrict warehouse movement.

Real manoeuvrability advances result from right angle turn width from just 1630mm boosting business efficiencies and profit by speeding work flow and reducing operator time.

Hyster also achieves better stability in its 1250-1800kg range while a parallel link structure and suspension lock system give operator’s scope for faster movement with safety in confined spaces.

Maximum lifting height of 6 metres is provided yet the lower truck floor (35mm below previous models) helps make Hyster® R-EX 2 series fit into low clearance areas.

Essential for multi-level warehouse operations, Hyster includes one of the industry’s most effective rollback and descent control systems as standard equipment for much better operation on slopes and irregular floors.

Rapid response speed reduction on cornering allows operators to work fast, while safeguarding against acceleration and rollover. A full range of options are available including safety laser which can help achieve best practice productivity in all worksites.

A round shaped operator cockpit provides easy movement in and out while the travel and load interlock instantly disables the truck for safety on driver exit.

The control layout is easy to operate and the large display is clear at all light levels, with built in glare protection.

The low vibration suspension system ensures more comfortable use and enables longer shifts and high back-support protects against the effects of rapid direction change and switchbacks.

All user serviceable parts are easily removed and the battery is accessible in seconds.

The Hyster® R-EX 2 Series is manufactured in Japan. Hyster after-market service covers all Asia-Pacific locations with a global network of branches throughout the region.