• Operator/Pedestrian Training

    BE AWARE. 

    Both drivers and pedestrians benefit from safety training. 

    Operator Training 

    Operator training is imperative in promoting a safe work environment. Not only is operator training important to the safety of employees, it's required. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) regulations* require specialized training and regular re-training for forklift operators, and remedial training for operators involved in accidents or near-accidents.

    Employers are required to develop and implement a training program based on the general principles of safe truck operation, the types of vehicle(s) being used in the workplace, the hazards of the workplace created by the use of the vehicle(s), and the general safety requirements of the OSHA standard.

     A properly trained lift truck operator can help:

    • Reduce lift truck downtime
    • Limit lost-time injuries
    • Improve driver efficiency
    • Minimize product damage and accidents
    • Improve the company's bottom line

    The local Hyster® dealer can provide complete and professional operator training instruction with Hyster's "Productivity in Motion" operator education programs. This program is available in English, Spanish, French, CD or video-based instruction. This program is also now available on DVD with menus that allow viewers to view educational presentations, download an instructor's guide, access test questions, view the operator's manual, and print course completion certificates and authorization wallet cards.

    Pedestrian Training 

    In addition to operator training, pedestrians should understand operating characteristics of forklift trucks when working in their proximity and should understand and follow pedestrian rules that are established for their specific environment by their employers.

    Additional Regulations 

    Operator and Pedestrian training are of utmost importance.  However, documented workplace rules and enforcement of those rules is needed to reinforce lift truck safety training. Every application and environment is unique. Employees, independent safety consultants, and workers compensation specialists are all resources that can assist in developing appropriate rules that may help reduce or prevent the incidence of forklift or pedestrian accidents in the workplace.

    To receive additional information on operator training, contact the local Hyster® dealer.

    The information provided here is general and is not meant to change any requirements under OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Requirements.

    * OSHA standard 1910.178(I) states "The employer shall ensure that each powered industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of training and evaluation specified in this paragraph (l)."