H1050-1150HD CH

Container Handlers  

Productivity, Durability and Comfort in Container Handling

The outstanding lift capacity of the H1050-1150HD-CH Container Handlers is a combination of the latest engine, transmission and hydraulic technologies, offering superior performance in all facets of container handling.

Engineering advances have made these lift trucks some of the most rugged and reliable on the market. Outstanding productivity, durability, and comfort - the H1050-1150HD-CH is the smart choice in container handlers.

A dedicated lift truck designed for outdoor use suited for applications such as sea ports and container handling applications (loaded and empty) where unloading, loading and single row container stacking is applicable.

  • Industry-leading lift/lower speeds maximize the number of loaded containers moved per hour.
  • A true 5-high stacking capability for the most efficient use of container yard capacity
  • Located in a module at the operator’s right hand, the intuitive joystick option was designed for simplicity to ensure easy, precise operation of the mast and spreader.
  • Mast design changes have repositioned cross-members away from critical
    container lift heights, allowing ultimate forward vision while keeping twist locks and rear obstacles in view at all times.
  • The top deck is covered with easily removable aluminum cover plates secured with quick disconnect latches. When plates are removed, all major components – including the drivetrain and hydraulic systems – are easily accessible.
  • Two powerful and field proven powertrains are available for these container handlers:
    • Cummins® QSM-11 290 HP Engine (Tier III) and Dana® Spicer® HR TE-27 AutoShift® Transmission
    • Cummins QSM-11 330 HP Engine (Tier III) and Dana Spicer HR TE-32 AutoShift Transmission





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