Montacargas Electrico de 4 Ruedas

Saving you Money with Energy Efficient Performance

J1.50 – 1.75EX and J2.00 – 3.00EX Series, four wheel, electric counterbalanced lift truck

Clean, quiet trucks with excellent manoeuvrability that deliver high performance and low energy consumption in a wide range of tough applications

The J1.50 – 3.00(H)EX series offers highly productive operating and lifting performance combined with excellent manoeuvrability and reliability for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Drop down battery box design and steer axle swing control give the operator supreme confidence in the handling operation providing increased productivity
  • Sealed controllers and brushless motors provide water resistance in all weather conditions
  • Customisable performance settings and efficient systems help extend shift life and reduce battery change requirements (side battery extraction is available as special option)
  • Easy unrestricted service access with on-board diagnostics
  • Maintenance free AC motors and microprocessor based controller for improved reliability and up time
  • Strong chassis construction for durability and stability, boosting driver confidence
  • Best in class serviceability


ModeloCapacidad de Carga (Kg)Centro de Carga (mm)Altura de Levante (mm)Radio de Giro (mm)Capacidad de Bateria (V / Ah)
J1.50EX 215005006000179548V / 390-525Ah
J1.75EX 217505006000182548V / 390-525Ah
J2.00EX 220005006020193048V / 440-700Ah
J2.50EX 225005006020196048V / 565-700Ah
J3.00EX 230005006010214572V / 440-600Ah


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