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Hyster® Big Truck with Tyre Handler

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16th February 2012,


Changing more than just the way you work

With a heritage stretching back more than 80 years, Hyster forklifts have played an important role in helping shape – and shift – successful businesses across Australia and around the world.

Hyster® Big Trucks are an integral part of that heritage and today, Hyster manufactures heavy-duty forklifts with lift capacities from 8 to 52-tonnes. Innovative, tough and strong, they’re the culmination of decades of research and development and are engineered to excel in even the harshest conditions.

At home performing a wide range of tasks at mine sites across Australia, a key application for Hyster Big Trucks is the removal and replacement of mining truck tyres. Weighing as much as 15-tonnes each, these massive tyres present a huge logistical challenge to maintenance staff whenever they need scheduled replacement or roadside repair.

The Hyster solution

Using a specialist tyre handling attachment that integrates fully with the forklift’s controls, a Hyster Big Truck can rotate, tip and side-shift a tyre, providing the flexibility needed to align it to the truck and complete the changing operation without the forklift driver leaving his cab.

Features of this attachment include superior operator visibility; rugged steel frame and rigid arm construction; heavy duty rotator with 360° continuous action; forward tipping pad design that sets the tyre down flat; internal hoses to prevent damage; unitised control valve with individual test points for fast fault diagnosis; the thinnest profile arms for hard-to-access tyres and the ability to handle tyres ranging from 1.6 to 4.1m in diameter and up to 1.885m wide.

The safety implications of this fully automated solution cannot be overstated; neither can the benefits to mining truck utilisation times. Both combine to reduce workshop or roadside repair risks while getting the truck moving again as quickly as possible has a direct affect on bottom line profit.

Big Truck benefits

Attachments aside, Hyster Big Trucks incorporate a range of benefits that make them top performers. These include a driver's 'Vista' cab with advanced ergonomics, a unique tyre saver axle design, easy serviceability, low emissions, high reliability, Power-on-Demand hydraulics and fast lifting for maximum productivity.

To find out more about Hyster Big Trucks and how they can benefit your business, with or without attachments, contact your Hyster dealer today.