• Selco 


    Hyster reach truckBuilder’s merchant, Selco, was formed as Sewell & Co (Timber) Ltd in 1895, changing its name to Selco in 1982.

    The company has seen rapid growth in recent years and its network of trade-only self select warehouses has grown to 28 outlets with further expansion planned.

    Selco has utilised Hyster equipment for a number of years and has recently taken delivery of new Hyster forklift trucks to meet the requirements of its expanding branch network.

    How did Hyster help?


    • Provided Selco with a standardised fleet across 28 sites
    • Helped to maximise storage space with a bespoke two stage mast fitted to the Hyster Fortens trucks
    • Provided full national service support through its local distribution partner

    Equipment Summary


    The Hyster trucks are required for the handling and storage of a wide range of materials provided through Selco Builders Warehouse outlets. Hyster Fortens H3.0FT forklift trucks are used to unload blocks, bagged aggregate, wood and metal from lorries and store it in the yard area before being loaded onto customers’ vehicles. The materials handling fleet, which consists of approximately 120 trucks across the 28 Selco sites, includes:

    • Hyster H3.0FT Fortens
    • Hyster R2.0 Matrix reach trucks

    Benefits Hyster Brought to Selco


    • Reliability is delivered by the dependable Hyster trucks, and supported by a planned maintenance programme, which helps ensure they work to their potential
    • Space has been maximised in confined areas thanks to the bespoke 5500mm two-stage mast, fitted to the H3.0FT trucks, which was developed specifically for Selco by Hyster’s Special Product Engineering Division (SPED)
    • Productivity is enhanced and tyre and brake wear reduced by up to 50%, thanks to the unique DuraMatch transmission on the Fortens trucks, which incorporates Auto-Deceleration (ADS) and Controlled Power Reversal features which helps productivity, and reduces tyre and brake wear
    • The reach trucks have a conventional 5500mm triplex mast for use inside the stores where they are used to stock the aisles. All the aisles are a minimum of 3100mm wide to ensure plenty of space for customers handling goods and for the reach trucks to manoeuvre
    • Driver fatigue is reduced thanks to the ergonomically designed Hyster reach truck cab, which has many features, that make the truck easy to operate, such as mini-lever controls
    • Driver control is more easily maintained thanks to a speed delimiter fitted to the trucks
    • Downtime is minimised and customer demands met, thanks to the full national after-sales and service support provided by Hyster’s local distribution partner