阿联酋 Jebel Ali, UAE

    Hyster handling equipmentCEVA是一家全球性的大型物流公司,是2007年由TNT物流和EGL合资建立的 CEVA is a global logistics company that was formed in 2007 through the merger of TNT Logistics and EGL.

    Following an increased warehouse expansion programme in the UAE, CEVA Logistics went through an extensive selection process to find a materials handling equipment supplier that would provide the right equipment and fulfil the requirement for professional account management, combined with excellent aftersales support.



    海斯特的解决方案 How did Hyster help?


    • 通过和当地的配送中心合作提供全系列的设备和全面保养服务合同。
    • 提供适合运营要求的专业物流设备。
    • 所有设备均提供完善持续的培训。
    • Worked with the local distribution partner to provide a complete range of handling equipment on a full service maintenance contract
    • Supplied equipment that was suited to the specific handling requirements of the operation
    • Provides ongoing forklift safety training for the full range of Hyster equipment

    主要叉车设备 Equipment Summary



    • 海斯特K1.0LAC拣选叉车
    • 海斯特J2.0XNT电动叉车
    • 海斯特P2.0S电动托盘叉车

    CEVA required a mix of materials handling equipment for transporting pallets, unloading containers and trailers, picking operations and accessing deep racking.


    The materials handling fleet includes:

    • Hyster R2.0W Reach Trucks
    • Hyster K1.0LAC Order Pickers
    • Hyster J2.0XNT Electric Forklifts
    • Hyster P2.0S Battery Operated Pallet Trucks

    海斯特带给客户的收益 Benefits Hyster Brought to CEVA


    • 海斯特提供的叉车非常适合客户的需求,叉车可靠性高,生产效率随之提高。例如,海斯特R2.0W前移叉车用于双深位货架的存取要求,海斯特K1.0LAC拣选车可让司机从地面和第一层货架方便存取货物。
    • 由于海斯特和当地经销商与CEVA签订了维修保养合同,可操作时间得到最大优化。其中工作时间在2小时内响应,非工作时间在4小时内响应。
    • 当地经销商对操作人员的全面详细的培训使生产效率得到提高,对海斯特的满意度很高。
    • CEVA,海斯特和当地经销商形成了长期的伙伴关系,在以后的合作中不断有租赁的需求。
    • Efficiency is enhanced thanks to the dependable and reliable Hyster equipment, which has been provided by Hyster to meet the specific requirements of the application. For example, the Hyster R2.0W reach trucks were specified to handle double deep racking requirements and the Hyster K1.0LAC order pickers allow the operator to pick from the ground and from first level locations as the pallet load is built.
    • Uptime is maximised thanks to the agreed service maintenance contract provided through Hyster and its local distribution partner, which includes a strict response time of 2 hours during the working day and 4 hours outside of working hours.
    • Productivity is increased thanks to the ongoing intensive forklift training provided for the full range of Hyster equipment supplied through the distribution partner and the operator satisfaction with the Hyster equipment.
    • Expenditure has been minimised thanks to the contract forklift hire basis that the Hyster equipment is leased on, enabling CEVA to have better control of materials handling equipment (MHE) costs.
    • A strong relationship has developed between CEVA, Hyster and the local distribution partner, resulting in an additional equipment order on long term lease.