Whatever the reason, whatever the season…Hyster can help.

    Most businesses experience peaks in activity or exceptional events that demand extra materials handling equipment for relatively short periods of time.

    Short-term forklift truck rental allows companies to source the right forklift trucks at very short notice:

    • Hyster’s extensive network of dealers is able to offer availability of a large number and range of forklift trucks for short-term hire.
    • Seasonal peaks in activity can be met in a cost effective way without adding trucks to a fleet that may not be required through the year. If this is a known and regular increase in activity, the Hyster® dealer can help with planning to ensure availability of the right equipment, giving you peace of mind.
    • Short-term rental helps boost materials handling capacity if an unusually large quantity of goods must be moved at short notice or a company faces a particularly tight dead-line.
    • An unexpected event or equipment breakdown may require a quick replacement with another unit. A short term forklift truck hire unit can fill the gap, keeping business running smoothly.

    Discover how short-term rental could be beneficial. Use the Dealer Locator to find a local Hyster® dealer to discuss options.