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  • Strong and reliable
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Operator-friendly
  • Simple to maintain
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The H2.0-3.5UT models suit the needs of various businesses such as builders’ merchants, retailers, manufacturers, logistics and warehousing.

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With lift heights up to 5500m, lift capacities up to 3,500kg, travel speeds up to 20km/h and excellent maneuverability, control and visibility, the H2.0-3.5UT models suit the needs of almost every operation.

With a familiar automotive layout these trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and come with a range of standard features and additional options.

Strong and reliable

The single speed powershift transmission is well proven, reliable and efficient. With travel speeds of up to 20km/h and lift capacity options of 2,2.5,3 and 3.5 tonnes at 500mm load centre. A range of masts (LFL and FFL) are available with tilt options offering good visibility of the load and forks with wide mast window and neatly routed hoses. Various forks and carriages are available, including integrated side shift carriages to make
load handling easy and convenient.

Low cost of ownership

Fast lifting and lowering speeds are achieved by the truck intelligent design hydraulic system. Auxiliary hoses are centred on the free lift cylinder to eliminate hose twisting and there is positive hose retention with large radius bends to minimize hose scuffing. Tilt cylinders are sealed to minimize any contamination and the one-piece frame is welded with many components cast including the drive axle housing all reducing wear and tear on the truck. The small turning radius and truck footprint help to raise efficiency.


The operator cab provides a practical and comfortable working environment. The controls are within easy reach and are simple to operate, there are various seat options including adjustable full suspension seat. The clear 3.5-inch LCD display provides the operator with valuable truck information at a glance. A rear drive handle with integrated horn makes reverse driving more comfortable.

Simple to maintain

The H2.0-3.5UT truck range are easy to maintain as no special tools are required for servicing, so it is ideal for customers looking to self-service. No PCs, laptops or diagnostic tools are needed either thanks to the simplicity of the components and specification. Regular service items are easily accessible and replacement parts are readily available and cost effective. The easily removable floor plate and quick release hood (opens 70 degrees) provides easy access.

Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Transmission
H2.0UT 2000kg 500mm 5500mm 2290mm 1210 / 1650mm 3390kg Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / GCT 2.5L LPG/Dual Fuel Powershift 1-speed
H2.5UT 2500kg 500mm 5500mm 2290mm 1210 / 1650mm 3650kg Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / GCT 2.5L LPG/Dual Fuel Powershift 1-speed
H3.0UT 3000kg 500mm 5500mm 2290mm 1210 / 1650mm 4300kg Yanmar 3.0L and 3.3L Diesel / GCT 2.5L LPG/Dual Fuel Powershift 1-speed
H3.5UT 3500kg 500mm 5500mm 2290mm 1210 / 1650mm 4710kg Yanmar 3.0L and 3.3L Diesel / GCT 2.5L LPG/Dual Fuel Powershift 1-speed



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