Multilevel Order Selector

Horizontal Order Picker


The LO2.5 horizontal order picker provides the opportunity for new slotting strategies and increased SKU capacity along with decreased travel path times without adding to the footprint of the warehouse. For new facilities there is the potential for a reduction in building costs with a smaller warehouse required to stock the same amount of SKUs. All of which adds up to a more productive, cost-effective operation.

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable components
  • Adjustable performance
Industry Sectors

‐ Food Distribution and Processing
‐ Warehouse & 3PL
‐ Wholesale Distribution
‐ Home Centers
‐ Retail & E-Commerce (DC/fulfillment)
‐ Retail Store Operations
‐ Furniture & Furnishings
‐ Auto Parts Distribution
‐ Health & Pharma
‐ Auto & Transport MFG
‐ General MFG

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Enhanced productivity

The multi-level order picker leverages the capabilities of a conventional pick vehicle with the speed and efficiency of a pallet truck. The operator can easily access the 6-10 foot strike zone with increased safety and less effort.

In many applications, the operator is required to travel the whole pick path to complete one order. The multi-level order picker provides the opportunity for different slotting strategies that will enable more SKUs to be stored in less space. Since the travel component of the pick process can make up to 70% of the total time, integrating the multi-level order picker into an efficient slotting technique can optimize the overall operation.

Ergonomic design
  • The suspended platform area allows easier pass through to optimize picking from both sides of the truck.
  • The optional lifting platform is foot controlled to facilitate ground and second level picking, reducing the distance the operator has to reach when picking from rack to pallet.
  • Fully adjustable power steering reduces steering effort by up to 90% and varies the amount of steer “assist” based on the control handle position, steer tire angle and truck travel speed.
  • The wrap around design keeps the operator’s hands within the interior perimeter of the handle and the large control buttons are conveniently positioned reducing fatigue and repetitive movement.
  • Slow-speed forward and reverse direction buttons located on both sides of the backrest allow the operator to walk alongside the truck to the next pick location reducing fatigue and improving efficiency.
Durable components
  • Heavy-duty frame for maximum strength
  • O-ring face seals help eliminate leaks
  • Sealed connectors on critical connections
  • Robust pull rod design of load wheel axle ensures long term reliability
Adjustable Performance

When you want to pick more product faster, without the introduction of more pick zones and travel time, the LO2.5 is an ideal solution. Its adjustable performance settings allow the truck to be customized to the needs of the application and operator. In new and existing facilities this means that more can be stored and moved quicker, in a smaller footprint and with less touches.



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