Hyster R2.00-3.00EX 2

Reach Truck with Moving Mast

Delivering productivity for your business combined with operator comfort


The Hyster R2.00-3.00 EX 2 offers enhanced performance features across electronic controls, suspension system, steering and operator compartment, plus loads more options.

  • Maximum performance and productivity
  • Ergonomics
Industry Best

Initially designed for retail operations due to its operational excellence in confined spaces.

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Receive better performance with less maintenance

Efficient handling in tight areas

Maximum performance and productivity

The Hyster R2.00-3.00EX 2 has focused on design features to enhance your productivity.

  • Power-on-demand steering is standard and provides energy savings and allows the use of a small diameter steering wheel for low effort steering
  • The controller is technician configurable to adjust traction speed limit, acceleration and deceleration levels and lift and lower speeds to provide the ideal operating characteristics to match any application

We know ergonomics plays a vital role in the performance of your operator and their productivity.

  • The operator’s compartment has been designed to aid productivity while providing comfort and ergonomics to the operator
  • Formed rubber fl oor mat isolates the operator from noise and vibration to minimise fatigue
  • An adjustable hip support provides the operator with a stand/lean option for even greater comfort
  • The direction control and hydraulic control levers are conveniently located for one hand operation
Model Load Capacity Turning Radius Battery Capacity Overall Width
R2.00E(T)X 2000kg 2000mm 48V / 312Ah(V/Ah) 2000mm
R2.50E(T)X 2500kg 2500mm 48V / 312Ah(V/Ah) 2500mm
R3.00E(T)X 3000kg 3000mm 48V / 312Ah(V/Ah) 3000mm



Hyster Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

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