H8-11XD DC-B3C0
H8-11XD DC-B3C0
H8-11XD DC-B3C0
H8-11XD DC-B3C0

Empty Container Handler

Reliability and performance in Empty Container Handling


Designed to perform and last while handling heavy double container loads. With components designed for double handling, imagine what they can do in your single handling application.

  • Optimized powertrain
  • Single and double handling spreaders
  • Spacious, comfortable operator environment
  • Superb visibility
  • Simplified serviceability
Industry Best

• Ports and Intermodal / Container Yards
• Empty Container Handling

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Reliability in Empty Container Handling

Container Stacking Up to 9 High

Optimized Powertrain
  1. Stage V integrated powertrain offers excellent fuel economy and maximum productivity.
  2. On-demand hydraulics keep oil temperature lower to protect hydraulic components.
  3. Automatic throttle-up on hoist and tilt enables engine to operate in most efficient rpm range.
  4. Drive train offers features that protect itself from excessive temperatures and pressures
Single and double handling spreaders
  1. Container sensing system supports safer handling when transporting two containers.
  2. Centralized greasing on the spreader reduces the number of grease points for easier maintenance.
  3. Smart camera systems are available for additional operator support.
  4. Ample sideshift allows operators to easily reposition offset loads and handle two reefers with the gen set on the same side.
Spacious, comfortable operator environment
  1. Ergonomically designed controls help elevate productivity while minimizing operator fatigue.
  2. Spacious cockpit style cabin that keeps all truck information and controls within reach.
  3. Variety of seat configurations such as mechanical or air suspension, cloth or vinyl cover, and lumbar support.
  4. Ergonomically designed, seat-mounted control arm.
Superb visibility
  1. More precise and efficient load handling.
  2. Optional raised cabin allows the operator to view and inspect the top of the container.
  3. Tempered top glass creates optimum visibility for container stacking.
Simplified serviceability
  1. Designed with the service technician in mind.
  2. Easy access to the engine, hydraulics, and other major components.
  3. Tip back cabin provides ample service access.
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Transmission
H8XD-EC6 8000kg 1220mm 16164mm 6371mm 4110mm 35558kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H8XD-EC7 8000kg 1220mm 18764mm 6371mm 4110mm 36912kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-ECD8 9000kg 1220mm 18922mm 6371mm 4110mm 40582kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-EC8 9000kg 1220mm 21364mm 6371mm 4335mm 41487kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-EC7 9000kg 1220mm 18764mm 6371mm 4110mm 38898kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H9XD-ECD7 9000kg 1220mm 16322mm 6371mm 4110mm 39468kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H10XD-ECD8 10000kg 1220mm 18922mm 6371mm 4335mm 41886kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H11XD-ECD8 11000kg 1220mm 18922mm 6371mm 4335mm 42847kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211
H11XD-ECD9 11000kg 1220mm 21522mm 6371mm 4335mm 44198kg MTU 7.7L Diesel ZF - 5WG211



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