Pedestrian Low Lift Pallet Truck

Clever handling delivers efficient performance


The Hyster P1.5UT low lift pallet truck offers superior steering control and balance for improved stability

  • Reliable performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy service and dependability
Industry Best

Distribution centres and warehouse operations. Most suitable for internal use over short distances. Loading and unloading pallets.

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Versatile electric pallet jack ready when you need it

Reliable pallet transport solution with convenient charging

Reliable performance

Your operation runs lean, which means you need equipment that's ready when you are, built to keep business moving. The P1.5UT is built with several smart features to maximize productivity.

  • Built-in charger
  • Floating balance wheel automatically adjusts height and improves stability during unloading
  • Small turning radius and drive capability when tiller is upright, offering strong maneuverability
  • Entry roller for easier pallet access and equipment operation
Easy service and dependability

The P1.5UT series is tough enough to standup to your operation's challenges day after day, with both rigid structure and a simple design for fast, efficient service.

  • Formed heavy gauge steel provides maximum fork strength and longevity
  • Durable plastic covers offer protection while removing for easy service access
  • Sealed, maintenance-free batteries
  • Simple components and no computer-based diagnostics required
Low maintenance

The P1.5UT electric walkie delivers with features designed with ergonomic advantages and to optimize performance.

  • Long handle reduces steer effort
  • Variable speed control to match operating environment
  • Low speed switch in handle for precise control within easy reach
  • Emergency stop button and emergency reversing belly button to maximize operator control
  • Designed with casters for greater stability
Model Load Capacity Lift Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
P1.5UT 1500kg 115mm 1718 / 1687mm 24V / 65Ah(V/Ah) 205kg



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