Good visibility is one of the most fundamental requirements on any handling equipment and Hyster continues to refine all its products to ensure the range offers class leading front, rear, side, up and down visibility, particularly of the fork tips.

    One of the most notable innovations, however, is the design of the “VISTA™” cab featured across the Big Truck range.  It features a convex, curved design of the front screen meaning that the front corner pillars of the cab are positioned relatively far back, ensuring maximum visibility of the load and operating area. The doors also feature upper and lower glass panels enhancing sideways visibility. The large windows are fitted with tinted safety glass and the curved front window prevents glare, ensuring a clear view at all times.  Upward visibility is virtually free from obstruction, thanks to a clever ‘wave pattern' overhead guard design.

    The dash display is also conveniently positioned to the right of the operator, to ensure maximum forward visibility. A set of flashing LED warning lights positioned on the steering column catch the driver's attention, should he need to refer to the readout on the dash display at any time.

    The position of the “VISTA™” cab is also important and in 2005, Hyster was the first manufacturer  to feature a rear-mounted cab on a laden container handler, designed to make it even easier for the driver to stack laden containers in the first row. 

    The driver is able to maintain a complete 40ft container in his/her line of sight, during the entire handling operation with minimal head movement. This cab position had been used before on the Hyster® empty container handling trucks as it offers excellent visibility when stacking empty containers up to 8 high (up to 18m).

    The Hyster® ReachStacker also features a powered, sliding version of the ‘VISTA™' cab, which along with widely spaced rear boom supports, and a sloping rear counterweight, delivers optimum visibility. The cab can be moved to various positions by a switch inside the cab which can be done while driving and/or lifting. It can slide from the rear of the machine over 2.6m to a fully forward position.

    The ability to reposition the cab is essential for intermodal Hyster® ReachStacker models when handling swap-bodies or trailers, so that the driver can see the grapple feet at ground level. Some drivers also prefer the fully forward position for low height container handling.