All Hyster® equipment complies with or exceeds regulation but in January 2011 new legislation was introduced that caused one of the most significant innovations in the history of Hyster.

    All diesel powered equipment with power ratings of between 174 and 751 hp (130-560 kW) supplied in the EU and North America had to meet the requirements of Tier 4i (interim) and Stage IIIB emissions regulations. This means, for example, that all Hyster® high capacity forklift trucks with lifting capacities above 16 tonnes (at 1200mm), including container handlers and reachstackers, had to be provided with new engines and emissions management technologies.

    The regulations require diesel engines to reduce Particulate Matter (PM) exhaust emissions by 90% and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) exhaust emissions by 45% compared with Tier 3 and Stage IIIA emissions standards.

    Hyster spent years developing and testing new products that not only complied with the legislation, but also provided significant financial savings for the customer through fuel savings of up to 20%.

    In November 2010, Hyster was the first company in the world to launch a range of Big Trucks equipped with a range of Tier 4i / Stage IIIB compliant diesel engines, featuring an integrated Diesel Particulate Filter exhaust after-treatment and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system so the operator can fill the fuel tank as normal.

    In addition to Cummins engine technologies which help ensure high power ratings and extensive peak-performance, Hyster optimised truck functions to provide intelligent engine speed control, including hibernate idle, load sensing hydraulics and demand sensitive cooling systems.

    This innovative combination means that the Hyster® Big Truck range can offer fuel savings of up to 20%. In fact, one terminal has reported a saving of 5.7 litres per hour compared to a competitor model used in the same operation.