The tyre preserving technology featured on H16.00-22.00XM-12EC series of empty container handlers is the first of its kind to be offered in Asia-Pacific. It significantly saves the money spent on tyres in empty container handling operations.  Tyre wear is typically the third biggest operating cost for container handling operations after labour and fuel.

    On a conventional dual-tyre axle the inner and outer wheels of a pair are fixed together, so that they turn at the same rate when cornering, although they have different turning distances, which causes some tyre drag or "scrub" on one of the wheels, causing conical wear. This is standard for big trucks made by all manufacturers and affects all types of equipment.

    Hyster has been able to drastically reduce this by applying new tyre preserving technology. The differential is now mounted in the wheel ends at each side of the axle, allowing the wheels to rotate independently, yet still providing full acceleration and braking power. With this solution, Hyster has been able to reduce tyre wear by as much as an anticipated factor of 3 for the front (drive axle) tyres, plus 1.5 for the rear (steer axle) tyres.

    This will reduce the total cost of ownership, reduce downtime from taking the trucks out of the operation to change the tyre, and reduce rubber waste which means a better environmental footprint.

    This was the result of a seven year product development programme and significant investment from Hyster.