Tough trucks require careful operation 

    Safety is freedom from physical injury and property damage.  Creating a safe materials handling environment requires a team effort. Team members include the owner/manager of the materials handling operation, employees at the facility regardless of their assigned duties, fork lift operators, fork lift manufacturers such as Hyster Company and maintenance personnel to insure recommended fork lift maintenance guidelines are followed.

    The physical layout of materials handling operation must accommodate the production goals of facility and allow for the safety of employees and equipment that operate within the facility.  Facility layout, work rules, employee training and the use and proper maintenance of Hyster® fork lift trucks that have been designed to be used safely by trained operators all contribute to freedom from physical injury and property damage.

    Hyster® fork lift trucks are designed and built for optimal operator and pedestrian safety in numerous types of materials handling applications.  For unique applications, special options such as the paper industry package or the environment package are also offered by Hyster Company.  These and numerous other special options can be installed on Hyster® fork lift trucks to meet the needs of customers.