Hyster J7.0-9.0XN(S)L 4 Wheel Electric Truck

4 Wheel Electric Trucks

The new Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL series is one of the first zero-emissions electric lift trucks providing 7-9 tonnes of lift capacity with matched diesel engine performance. Paper, timber, steel, and other heavy-duty industries can now easily adopt these tough electric lift trucks and benefit from quieter operations, fast acceleration, and even more responsive operation. Designed to work in both indoor and outdoor applications, the trucks feature high voltage (360-volt) lithium-ion batteries and have the endurance to support three shift operations.


Provides maximum power for a full 8-hour shift (in most operations). From flat, the battery can be fully charged within 2 hours. Opportunity charging gives extended run-time. The lithium-ion battery is maintenance-free with three times the life of standard lead acid batteries.


A powerful 105kW is provided by two multi-phase permanent magnetic motors, delivering best in class performance with excellent energy efficiency and minimal energy loss. Fully independent hydraulic pump and traction motors never drop in performance when lifting and moving loads.


The forklifts feature auto generative braking that uses the electric motor to slow the lift truck, minimising wear on the oil immersed brakes. The regenerative braking system reduces maintenance and extends truck dependability.


The maintenance-free Hyster® Stability Mechanism™ (HSM™) helps keep the truck stable when making turns and enhances its ability to operate efficiently on rough surfaces The steer axle is cast steel mounted on polymer bushings for excellent stability and axle articulation.


ModelModel DesignationLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)Turning Radius (mm)Engine
J7.0XNSL4-Wheel Electric Truck7000 kg2940 mm3080 mmElectric
J7.0XNSL94-Wheel Electric Truck7000 kg3000 mm3145 mmElectric
J8.0XNSL4-Wheel Electric Truck8000 kg3000 mm3145 mmElectric
J8.0XNL94-Wheel Electric Truck8000 kg4500 mm3794 mmElectric
J9.0XNL4-Wheel Electric Truck9000 kg3000 mm3723 mmElectric


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Hyster J7.0-9.0XN(S)L Brochure


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