R30XMS3, R30XM3, R30XMA3, R30XMF3

Narrow Aisle Order Pickers

Productivity for Your Stock-picking Operation

Every Hyster® OrderPicker truck comes with more than 80 years of materials handling expertise behind it. And during those 80 years, we’ve designed every truck with our customers in mind. In fact, we involve our customers from start to finish in product design and creation.

You’ve asked for reliable OrderPicker trucks that offer maximum comfort, so we tested and retested ergonomically superior designs to improve comfort, visibility and efficiency. The more comfortable your operators are, the more productive they are. And productivity is the bottom line for any business.

  • 1-inch thick shock-absorbent floor mat and flush-mounted footswitch allow a natural stance for driving in chassis or forks-first position. A 32” deep operator platform is also available.
  • Adjustable multifunction control handle comes with three-position adjustments that allow your operators to tailor its position relative to their preferred operating stance on the truck.
  • The pallet clamp automatically centers and grips the pallet to allow fast, easy order picking. The foot-operated pedal is easily actuated for quick pallet release.
  • The wire guidance system features rapid wire acquisition.
  • Equipped with the HySense continuous height-sensing control system which replaces the ‘step-downs’ at pre-set intervals with smooth, gradual linear speed reduction that is barely noticeable to your operators.
  • Superb rack visibility via a ‘see-through’ cantilevered grid-style overhead guard and widely spaced mast channels with rear mounted lift cylinders.


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Maximum Travel SpeedMaximum Lift SpeedLower Lift Speed
R30XMS3 Standard136024V9.6 km/h4052
R30XM3 Counterbalanced136036V10.5 km/h7880
R30XMA3 Straddle136036V10.5 km/h7880
R30XMF3 Furniture Mover68036V10.5 km/h7880


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Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet

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Spec Sheet


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