Reliable platform stackers designed to keep costs low in demanding warehouse operations

The tough and reliable Hyster platform stacker truck provides superior performance and a low cost of operation in demanding warehouse operations. With varying lift heights and mast configurations to suit the most demanding operations, the S1.5S stacker truck features a folding platform, the S1.5Sil stacker truck includes initial lift and the S1.5Ssl stacker truck includes straddle legs.

Manoeuvrability, high performance and a low cost of operation make the Hyster platform stacker excellent for placing goods into low to mid-high level racking, transferring pallets over long or short distances and for operating on ramps.

Hyster Platform Stacker Highlights:

  • Welded fork construction makes the Hyster platform stackers highly resistant to torsion and the 5-point wheel layout with fixed stabiliser wheels enhances stability when carrying heavy loads
  • A lower cost of operation is realised thanks to the reliable Hyster platform stacker design that features power transmission supplied via helicoidal gears running in an oil bath and IP45 standards to protect against dust and water
  • AC drive motor and brushless lift motors ensure maintenance requirements are low.  The built-in diagnostic system and CANbus technology provide enhanced functionality and reliability, and help minimise  servicing requirements
  • The Driver Diagnostic Interface (DDI) enables the selection of appropriate performance settings to suit the most demanding applications
  • Alternative lift height and full free lift 2 and 3 stage mast configuration options are available to suit specific requirements
  • The Hyster platform stacker is available with cold store protection for extreme -30C conditions


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Lift Height (mm)AST (mm)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Weight (kg)
S1.5S (pedestrian)150046282553 / 252124V / 315-375Ah1023
S1.5S (stand-on)150046282996 / 296424V / 315-375Ah1023
S1.5S-IL (pedestrian)150046282697 / 254624V / 315-375Ah1040
S1.5S-IL (stand-on)150046283135 / 298424V / 315-375Ah1040
S1.5S-SL (pedestrian)150059982539 / 252924V / 315-375Ah1173
S1.5S-SL (stand-on)150059982988 / 297824V / 315-375Ah1173


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