Stand-On Moving Mast Reach Trucks

Compact, Versatility and Manoeuvrability in Narrow Aisles

R1.25EX 2
R1.5EX 2
R1.5EXW 2
R1.8EX 2
R1.8EXW 2

The latest reach truck series from our Japanese manufacturing facility. Designed for traditional Asian factories with low ceilings and multi-story warehouses .

Compact, versatile and manoeuvrable, this new series truck features improved turning radius, energy savings and comfort.

As with all Hyster lift trucks, they are designed with superior ergonomics for versatility and productivity.

  • Small turning radius with a minimum right-angle stacking aisle width of 2,340mm
  • IPM Motor for energy saving
  • Intuitive operational feel
  • Comfortable cabin space for ease of operation
  • Equipment and machanisms for ensuring safety of operator


ModelLoad Capacity (kg)Turning Radius (mm)Battery Capacity (V / Ah)Chassis Width (mm)Weight (kg)Maximum Travel SpeedMaximum Lift SpeedFork Length
R1.25EX 21250149548V / 201Ah1090209511560850
R1.5EX 21500158048V / 280Ah1090223010.5560920
R1.5EXW 21500175548V / 280Ah1190233510.5470920
R1.8EX 21800175548V / 280Ah1090231510.5560920
R1.8EXW 21800175548V / 280Ah1190243510.5450920


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R1.25-1.80EX 2


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