The paper industry needs precision, high load capacity and gentle handling capabilities for valuable loads. Efficient production, high utilisation of warehouse space and smooth loading and unloading of paper products all impact output and operational efficiency.

    Operator and warehouse staff as well as environmental factors are also key considerations within the industry.

    Recycling is one of the fastest growing and evolving industry sectors, yet recycling activities take place in some of the most challenging materials handling environments, with particular hazards associated with high levels of dust and debris.

    Lift trucks and materials handling equipment therefore need to deliver reliable performance and high uptime.

    With a long history and established reputation in the paper related industries, Hyster offers a comprehensive range of trucks and solutions to meet the particular challenges of the paper and recycling sectors, with additional insight and expertise provided by dedicated Industry Managers.

  • Paper and Recycling

    Paper and recycling industries are closely associated. Paper mills require both precision and power to handle bulk paper rolls, and the space and function of a recycling yard to recycle pulp, paper and cardboard. As the industry has evolved there are now recycling yards in many towns and cities processing bales of paper, plastic and aluminium which either supply to local mills or ship internationally to create new products such as packaging, tissue and hygiene products.

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