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Tough, reliable new Hyster® UT Series 3-wheel lift trucks, tow and pallet trucks extend cost-efficient performance

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An expanded family of the Hyster UT series is being introduced to Australasia for multiple warehousing and logistics applications demanding high productivity over a broad range of simpler materials handling needs.

The new Hyster UT electric range now includes 3-wheel forklifts in 1600-2000kg capacity, pallet lift trucks in 1500kg capacity and stand-up and sit-down tow trucks in 3000-6000kg capacity respectively.

All are engineered to expand the long-established strengths of the Hyster brand into wider markets seeking a quality cost-efficient solution backed globally to meet users’ needs for applications requiring less frequent usage.

“The uncompromising levels of equipment in the new UT lift trucks includes the latest driver safety, comfort, manoeuvrability and drive features to emerging and growing applications such as warehousing, logistics (including 3PL), parts, hospitals and aerial platforms like the ones you see at hardware stores,” says Hyster-Yale Area Business Director, Pacific, Mr Mark Chaffey.

“These latest additions to the UT family join Hyster’s 4-wheel UT forklifts in bringing the performance of electric forklifts to emerging and growing market sectors seeking optimum cost-efficiency for their materials handling needs – while still gaining Hyster’s longestablished strengths of toughness, reliability, safety and strong service backing,” said Mr Chaffey.

“The expanded family of UT electric lift trucks brings the broad range of Hyster brand advantages to these markets, without paying for features users do not need in their particular businesses.”

Features of the new lift trucks include:

  • Three-wheel electric lift trucks incorporate an ergonomically designed Hyster 3 Wheel Electricoperator compartment laid out to help operators work comfortably in machinery engineered for drivers, with an outstanding range of compliance, performance, anti-fatigue, and easy service features. Power options include wet cell batteries with single point watering, or maintenance-free Lithium-Ion technology. Smooth, progressive high performance is provided by AC traction and hydraulic motors with electronic control. European-designed AC controllers coupled with AC traction and hydraulic motors allow for precise controllability. Compact dual-drive motors – one for each front wheel – feature precision-cut gears for reduced wear and lower noise levels. A small steering wheel facilitates fine control, with eight degrees of Hyster T3.0UT adjustment and low steering effort for operation in confined spaces. The low steering effort without kickback facilitates precise positioning, says Mr Chaffey.
  • Hyster Seated T6.0UT and Standing T3.0UT electric tow tractors combine ergonomic and safety features with reliable performance from energy-efficient technology. Their low maintenance needs, easy access for routine servicing, as well as simple, readily available components provide Hyster T3.0UTSincreased productivity and reduced operational costs. Their safety and structural design also includes ergonomic operator compartment, incorporating spacious non-slip floor plate and anti-vibration function on the T3.0UTS. The drive-axle design and low centre of gravityprovide excellent stability of the T6.0UT, which also features Operator Presence System (OPS) and Emergency Stop buttons also featured on other members of the UT series family.
  • Hyster UT Electric Walkie Pallet Truck. The 24V sealed Hyster P1.5UTmaintenance-free battery powered P1.5UT also combines economic operation with energy-efficient, low maintenance technology delivering reliable performance and increased productivity with reduced operation costs. With a small turning radius of 1.454mm and long handle to reduce steering effort, the P1.5UT increases productivity and safety by having casters to increase stability, entry rollers for easy operation, as well as strong performance on gradients, and when the tiller is upright, a reduction in turning space. The machine’s floating balance wheel automatically adjusts height and improves stability when unloading.

“The use of high quality and robust components, complemented by outstanding filtration and cooling, help provide reliability and low cost of ownership in a user-oriented truck,” says Mr Chaffey. This, combined with fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts, helps to curtail maintenance requirements and costs,” he said.

The new machines’ value proposition - “Meets the Need. Makes the Move.” – relates to customers who don’t need particular advanced functionality features, but prefer proven materials handling solutions backed by a supplier they can trust – and with the support of a reputable service network extending across Asia-Pacific, including long-established operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Strong distributor network

Hyster already has a strong and long-established professional dealer and service network extending across Asia-Pacific, strength that is in turn backed by Hyster globally, which has been building relationships and partnering with customers, suppliers, dealers, and employees over many decades.

The new Hyster UT range embodies all the quality features that have been at the heart of the Hyster brand for 90 years, including intelligent design, product testing, quality of manufacturing, quality of suppliers and environmental emphasis.

Rather than pigeon-hole basic utility needs – or offer one-size-fits-all solutions – the UT Series philosophy opens a discussion with customers on “What are your specific needs and how long do you need to use it for on a daily basis?”

“Then our established Asia-Pacific dealer network can bring their extensive expertise to deliver cost-effective, quality solutions for individual customers,” says Mr Chaffey.

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