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Hyster charges in with new J-GX Series electric forklift range

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Aug 25, 2016

Hyster charges in with new J-GX Series electric forklift range

Warehouse operators requiring a tough, high quality electric forklift will be drawn to materials handling experts, Hyster, following the recent launch of the company’s exciting new GX Series counterbalanced electric forklift range.

With capacities ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 tonnes, the GX Series is extremely manoeuvrable and well suited to a wide range of tasks.

New to the range is a redesigned drive axle providing the same robust design structure as Hyster’s XT internal combustion engine models, plus all the added benefits afforded by electric trucks including reduced noise and zero exhaust emissions.

With Hyster’s GX Series, the inclusion of AC motor technology on the traction and integrated hoist/steering allows longer operating time in demanding work cycles, while providing optimised responsiveness to the operator for more efficient load handling and increased productivity.

The GX Series also features a regenerative braking function which extends operating time to an impressive 8.5 hours in standard mode and to an even higher 9.5 hours with ‘Eco’ mode engaged.   To guard against accidental battery discharge, the GX range can be equipped with auto shut off after 15 minutes.

Hyster Technical Manager, Jack Lim says the J-GX range benefits from many of the great features of Hyster’s XT Series in an electric package.

“The J-GX Series shares many components of its engine-powered counterparts, so these forklifts are not only durable and reliable but provide the added bonus of electric operation,” Jack said.

“These forklifts provide a cost effective alternative to traditional engine powered trucks, for those companies where OH&S and/or environmental policies require zero emission equipment without compromising performance.”

Aiding efficiency is a generous inner mast clearance, proving the operator with an optimised field of vision when loading and unloading goods, and an automatic speed control system – ‘Turn Assist’ – which adjusts speed based on load and steer tyre angle.   

Turn Assist minimises truck lean while turning, providing the operator with enhanced control and confidence in fast-based applications.

If operating in darker working environments, buyers can select an optional LED carriage light which directs a bright forward beam onto the load area. 

For greater driver comfort on long work shifts, the GX Series provides an ergonomically-designed operator compartment with ample floor space and easy on/off access via a low step height.

Once sitting behind the controls on the full suspension seat, the operator will appreciate the interactive LCD dash display showing all relevant truck operating details and enjoy the forklift’s synchronous and power assisted steering which sees the steering wheel always returning to an ideal position.

Safety in the J-GX Series is also well catered to with fitment of a travel and hydraulic handling interlock system that senses operator presence and disengages the forklift’s functions if the seatbelt is disengaged or if the operator leaves the seat.

As well as an audible beeper, operators requiring additional ‘visibility’ can specify the optional blue pedestrian awareness LED light, which effectively lets pedestrians know that a forklift is operating in the area.

The pedestrian awareness light and carriage light are just two of the many options available on the J-GX Series, allowing buyers to specify the new forklift to their exact job requirements.

A range of options can be selected covering areas including battery, operator compartment, tyres, hydraulic control, acrylic cover, lights and warnings, truck construction and front end configuration. 

In the unlikely event of mechanical issues, the J-GX Series benefits from a fault code registry, enabling fast diagnostics for reduced down time.  Fault codes are easy to identify and action via the troubleshooting manual. 

Positioning of a drop battery box, low at the rear of the truck also improves accessibility to motors, pumps and controllers if additional service and maintenance is needed.

Jack Lim says that the J-GX Series provided operators with a great deal of versatility thanks to a variety of wheelbases, capacities, lift heights, fork spreads and optional extras.

“With a wide array of specification choices and options to select from, the GX Series allows the purchaser to closely specify a model to meet the exact requirements of their applications,” Jack said.

“For even greater versatility, the trucks have been designed to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments – the optional IPX4 rating protects the truck and electrical components from water ingress and consequential damage.”

Full J-GX Series specifications and brochures are available at or see the equipment at one of 15 Hyster dealerships nation-wide.