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New Hyster B238 Series Serious About Meeting Customer Demands

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The pilot truck for Hyster’s new B238 series 16 to 18 tonne range of heavy duty forklifts has recently reached Australian shores and those seeking heavy duty trucks engineered for maximum dependability in the most demanding applications are certain to appreciate the many benefits they offer.

Like all Hyster machines, the H16XM-9/12 to H18XM-7.5/9 heavy duty truck range has been developed, tested and rigorously refined to ensure they deliver outstanding performance and are ideal for pipe handling, general cargo, break bulk, lumber, steel and concrete or any application where the most robust, heavy duty lifting power is required.

According to Gordon Liu, Product Specialist Engineer, Big Trucks - Hyster-Yale Asia-Pacific, the range is based on the smaller Hyster 16XM-6 but engineered with a stretched wheel base to create heavy duty machines that meet industry demands for handling increased loads and load centres.

As mentioned, the benefits and features are many, so let’s get down to what these machines can deliver for you and explore why Hyster-Yale considers them to be among the top-performing models in their class.

First up, the B238 series is powered by a Cummins Stage IIIA/Tier 3 QSB 6.7 engine as standard, with the option of a Stage IV Cummins engine requiring no use of a DPF, and offers uncompromised productivity in both High Performance (HiP) or eco-mode (eco-eLo) power settings.

With a well-integrated powertrain solution, optimised for maximum performance, these burly beasts of burden also deliver up to 20 per cent lower fuel consumption than other leading competitor products* and feature an on-demand hydraulics system which delivers
flow only when required.

In terms of productivity, the Hyster H16XM-9/12 to H18XM-7.5/9 range offers class-leading lifting speeds, even at maximum load; combined with a very tight turning radius, this ensures the B238 series can move swiftly and nimbly to deliver valuable time savings for any heavy handling operation.

As for heavy handling, the Hyster B238 series is engineered for tough applications with highstrength frames, masts and carriages and offers a unique electro-hydraulic system to minimise the amount of hose over the mast, even with complex attachments. In addition, Deutsch connectors are fitted as standard for an IP64 rating, along with a heavy duty cooling system which can take the heat and deliver 45°C ambient in tough operations.

Not only offering class-leading lifting speeds, the Hyster H16XM-9/12 to H18XM-7.5/9 range also offers class-leading cab ergonomics which make the working day speed by for operators thanks to the high comfort of the working environment within their Vista cabs, low noise
levels in and outside the cabin, excellent all-round visibility and variable options that tailor to operator needs.

Even service is made easy with this hard-working Hyster crew, with gullwing hoods making daily service checks quick and simple, tilting cabs giving easy access to all major components and Sy-Klone® engine air intake precleaners fitted as standard.

Along with delivering low cost of ownership, enhanced productivity and durability in the B238 series, Hyster has also ensured a degree of versatility designed to meet the needs of any and every customer.

“There are three different carriage configurations for this series, so basically a customer can pick from these three options depending upon their fleet needs,” Gordon Liu explained. “There’s a standard option and also a hook-type carriage and a pin-type carriage, so customers can choose from different configurations depending upon what they require. “We also have a range of attachments that are virtually ‘plug and play’; we work with different suppliers and partners to create a range of attachments to meet any lifting need - a recent one, for example, was for handling steel pipes,” he said. “In this way, our customers can receive their truck and the attachment they need and away they go. “Meeting the needs of our customers efficiently and effectively is the absolute focus at Hyster, and with the B238 series, in every regard, we are delivering on that.”