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One of the toughest and most fuel efficient IC fork lifts on the market

The most popular IC forklift series in the Hyster range provides a low cost of operation and relentless power in the most arduous indoor and outdoor applications.

With 2.6L and 3.3L diesel or 2.2L and 2.4L LPG engines, these reliable machines are now shipped with the new ECO-eLo Fuel Efficiency Mode engaged, making it one of the most fuel efficient IC forklifts available on the market.

Available with Fortens, Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance+ configurations, the series can be tailored to suit the specific application, no matter how intense. Used forklift hire also available.

Hyster H2.0-3.5FT Diesel and LPG Counterbalanced Fork Lift Truck Highlights:

  • A robust chassis and high strength mast design optimises capacity retention at high lifts with excellent visibility and rigidity
  • The ECO-eLo Fuel Efficiency Mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% with limited effect on overall forktrucks' productivity under application conditions
  • Available Load Sensing Hydraulics (LSH) increase productivity and lowers fuel consumption further reducing overall operating costs
  • All powertrains are controlled, protected and managed by the Pacesetter VSM™ industrial onboard computer featuring a CANbus communications network. This system permits adjustment of the truck’s performance, in addition to monitoring key functions, enabling quick, easy diagnostics, minimising repair downtime and unnecessary parts swapping
  • Choose either Electronic Powershift, DuraMatch™ or DuraMatch™ Plus2 transmissions:
    • The standard Fortens model features an Electronic Powershift Transmission
    • The Fortens Advance models feature the DuraMatch™ transmission which manages truck deceleration & direction changes, contributing to extending brake and tyre life and preventing transmission wear.
    • The Fortens Advance+ models feature the DuraMatch™ or DuraMatch™ Plus2 transmission. DuraMatch™ Plus2 also features a 2-speed Extended Function Transmission with Dynamic Auto Deceleration System, throttle response management and Auto Speed Hydraulics
  • Fortens Advance and Advance+ options include oil immersed brakes contributing to reduced maintenance and extended truck dependability
  • The maintenance free Hyster Stability Mechanism (HSM™) enhances lateral stability without compromising uneven surface travel
  • An innovative operator compartment design offers easy driver access, excellent all-round visibility and conveniently located controls. To optimise driver comfort, the new FLM 80 full-suspension seat, together with the isolated powertrain have contributed to achieving a low whole body vibration (WBV) of 0.6ms2 and operator ear noise levels are low, for example measuring 79dB(A) for both diesel and LPG 2.5 tonne models.
  • Complete cowl-to-counterweight service access contributes to rapid, efficient maintenance. Simplified layout of wiring and hydraulics offers greater access to components, which decreases service time for unscheduled repairs and regular maintenance
  • Hassle-Free hydraulic systems featuring Leak-free O-ring face seal fittings enhance reliability and non-mechanical, Hall-Effect sensors and switches are designed to outlast the life of the truck.
  • To match the performance to the application there are a number of options including advanced hydraulic and cooling system options


ModelModel DesignationLoad Capacity (kg)Load Centre (mm)Lift Height (mm)EngineTransmission
H2.0FTFortens20005006000Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGElectronic Powershift 1-speed
H2.5FTFortens25005006000Yanmar 2.6L / 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGElectronic Powershift 1-speed
H3.0FTFortens30005005815Yanmar 2.6L / 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGElectronic Powershift 1-speed
H3.5FTFortens35005005815Yanmar 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGElectronic Powershift 1-speed
H2.0FTFortens Advance20005006000Yanmar 2.6L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGDuraMatch™ 1-speed / DuraMatch™2 2-speed
H2.5FTFortens Advance25005006000Yanmar 2.6L / 3.0L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGDuraMatch™ 1-speed / DuraMatch™2 2-speed
H3.0FTFortens Advance30005005815Yanmar 2.6L / 3.0L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGDuraMatch™ 1-speed / DuraMatch™2 2-speed
H3.5FTFortens Advance35005005815Yanmar 3.0L / 3.3L Diesel / PSI 2.4L LPGDuraMatch™ 1-speed / DuraMatch™2 2-speed
H2.0FTFortens Advance +20005006000Kubota 2.5L LPGDuraMatch™2 2-speed
H2.5FTFortens Advance +25005006000Kubota 2.5L LPGDuraMatch™2 2-speed
H3.0FTFortens Advance +30005005815Kubota 2.5L LPGDuraMatch™2 2-speed


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