• Plzensky Prazdroj

    Czech Republic

    Plzensky-Prazdroj_MainCzech Republic’s largest brewery, Plzensky Prazdroj, produces a number of beer brands including its flagship, Pilsner Urquell. It is a member of Asahi Holdings.

    Before approaching Hyster Europe, Plzensky Prazdroj faced several materials handling challenges, including sourcing specific rental equipment during seasonal peaks.

    Hyster has supplied Plzensky Prazdroj with a fleet of forklift trucks.

    How did Hyster help?


    • Helped to increase productivity thanks to the multi-pallet handling capabilities delivered by some of the trucks
    • Provided a range of tough, durable materials handling equipment to reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability in the intensive stop-start operation
    • Supplied equipment on a 5 year full-maintenance contract
    • Helped Plzensky Prazdroj effectively manage operations during seasonal peaks with additional standby and seasonal rental trucks

    Equipment Summary


    Exporting to over 50 countries, the robust and reliable Hyster®equipment is required to help with production and distribution. The materials handling fleet, includes:


    Benefits Hyster Brought to Plzensky Prazdroj


    • Productivity has been increased thanks to the multi-pallet handling capabilities delivered by some of the trucks, which feature double and quadruple pallet handling attachments that allow larger loads to be transported at a time. This has led to quicker loading and unloading operations and has reduced both product and truck damage
    • Damage has been further minimised thanks to the load weight sensors fitted to the fleet, which allow the operators to manage and monitor their loads more effectively
    • Visibility over taller loads is aided by the raised operator compartment featured on some of the trucks
    • Use of storage space has been optimised due to the manoeuvrability of the S7.0FT Fortens® Spacesaver trucks, which feature a high lifting capacity of 7 tonnes on a shorter wheelbase than the standard H7.0FT Fortens model
    • Low cost of ownership is delivered by Hyster’s reliable trucks, even in intense, stop-start operations that can be tough on brakes, tyres and other components. Patented Hyster® DuraMatch transmission helps to reduce tyre wear and oil-immersed brakes are virtually maintenance free helping to drive down lifetime costs. In addition, the engines and transmissions feature protection systems
    • Fleet uptime is optimised by resident engineers supplied by Hyster’s local distribution partner, who carry out routine maintenance and provide quick resolution of any service issues. All Hyster® equipment is supplied on a 5 year full-maintenance contract 
    • Effective management of operations during seasonal peaks is achieved thanks to the 14 standby and 15 seasonal rental trucks provided by Hyster and its local distribution partner
    • To enhance efficiency and help manage and optimise the entire fleet, ensuring the right trucks are being utilised and allocated appropriately, Hyster’s local distribution partner introduced an online fleet management system