The Hyster warehouse simulator allows us to help you choose the right configuration of trucks for your warehouse

    The simulator shows how the warehouse would work based on the fleet or trucks recommended and core data on the warehouse dimensions and the operation.

    What If…?

    The simulator provides the perfect tool to answer all of your doubts about the future.

    What if arrivals peak at an unexpected time?  What if we win a new contract, what if a key road is closed and all arrivals are delayed?  The simulator allows you, the user to try out all scenarios to be sure that you have the right mix of trucks to cover each scenario.

    The simulator utilises a complete commercial simulation-engine with a warehousing specific interface.

    More than just a spreadsheet…

    Many suppliers use excel based simulation, with linear relationships between all movements, but this will not give a real representation of an operation.

    • A spreadsheet can’t take into account the number of variables entered in to the Hyster Warehouse Simulator.
    • Changing to different scenarios and conditions cannot be done as quickly as with the Hyster Warehouse Simulator.
    • Spreadsheet based simulators do not account for the random nature of events.  The Hyster Warehouse Simulator works on probabilities giving a range of results closely simulating day to day operational variations.
    • With the Hyster warehouse Simulator 3D images allow you to see what the operation will be like.

    The Hyster warehouse simulator is a key tool to help you improve the optimisation of your warehouse operation

    • It will provide a platform to try out different approaches and strategies for warehouse operations.
    • It can show the advantages and disadvantages of different combinations of trucks.
    • It will help demonstrate what might happen under different operational scenarios.

    The Hyster warehouse simulator provides detailed operational forecast, without the cost of employing a Logistics Consultant.

    Contact your local Hyster® dealer using the Dealer Locator to get in touch with a warehousing expert and find out how the Hyster Warehouse Simulator might help enhance your operations.