Pall-Ex has had a relationship with Hyster for over ten years and has recently taken delivery of a new fleet of Hyster CNG powered forklift trucks.


pallex.jpgLeading pallet distribution network, Pall-Ex, operates a 48 bay facility, receiving and redistributing 8,000 pallets daily, for UK and international destinations at its 18,581m² hub.

Pall-Ex has had a relationship with Hyster for over ten years and has recently taken delivery of a new fleet of Hyster CNG powered forklift trucks.

Pall-Ex is now operating its 3rd generation of Hyster® forklift trucks, which work intensively day and night.

How did Hyster Help?

  • Provided dependable equipment for Pall-Ex’s demanding 24/7 operation
  • The local distribution partner provided a full-service maintenance contract, offering a quick response and superior service
  • Helped to support Pall-Ex’s environmental commitments, with CNG powered forklift trucks


  • High performance is delivered in the tough, intensive and time sensitive operation at the sector’s only cross-docking hub, by the strong and dependable Hyster® forklifts
    Efficiency is enhanced thanks to the Hyster trucks, which are designed to keep the driver comfortable with easy operation, and fitted with a scanning system that links back to a sophisticated tracking system
  • Reduced emissions and reduced running costs are achieved and Pall-Ex’s environmental commitments are supported by Hyster’s Fortens® trucks, powered by CNG, which can be filled in less than 2 minutes, minimising downtime
  • Wear and tear costs are reduced thanks to the Hyster Fortens trucks, which offer an adjustable Auto-Deceleration System (ADS) that slows the truck when the accelerator pedal is released, resulting in less brake pedal usage, and the Controlled Power Reversal feature of the DuraMatch™ transmission, which allows even the most aggressive direction changes to be smooth, helping to increase tyre life by up to 50%
  • Tyre life is further increased thanks to the Continental CSEasy tyres which are proven to last 3 times longer than standard tyres, with lower rolling resistance, giving greater fuel efficiency
  • The fleet is managed by a Fleet Management System, which has simplified the process of data capture and improved the accuracy of fleet management reports by accessing live data directly from the trucks. Daily run time, hourmeter readings, impacts, maintenance completion, cost of ownership and much more is all available for analysis, with monthly review meetings
  • Scheduled routine maintenance and assistance in the event of a breakdown are provided by a dedicated engineer resident in the on-site garage, from Hyster’s local distribution partner, which helps Pall-Ex to flex at peak times and maintain a 99.8% efficiency rate for its customers
  • Service and life-time costs are kept under control, thanks to the service provided by Hyster’s local distribution partner and features such as oil-immersed brakes, which reduce the requirement of brake maintenance to a minimum

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