Provimi BV, a subsidiary of Cargill, is an international agribusiness involved with various activities.


Provimi-BV-main.jpgProvimi BV, a subsidiary of Cargill, is an international agribusiness involved with various activities. These range from the production of marketing materials to the development, manufacture and marketing of feed, veterinary products and food technology.

Founded in the early 1930s, Provimi BV is one of the leaders in the international feed and, as a developer and producer of premixes, concentrates, additives and specialties (such as milk replacers and piglet feeds), fulfills the needs of modern animal feed producers.

The products are manufactured in the factory in Rotterdam and distributed to traders and farmers throughout the feed industry, in more than 100 countries.

Provimi required tough, manoeuvrable trucks to operate effectively in tight spaces and, based on previous experience with tough and efficient Hyster equipment, selected additional Hyster machines to complete its materials handling fleet.

How did Hyster Help?

  • Supplied a selection of equipment to meet the specific application requirements, including tight operating spaces
  • Provided the equipment on a full service maintenance contract with rapid response support through its local distribution partner


  • Efficiency is delivered by the reliable and durable Hyster materials handling equipment

  • Productivity levels are enhanced thanks to the easy access and egress from the Hyster forklift trucks. This is particularly important to the operation as the operators are required to leave their trucks to scan and check the cargo

  • To help enhance productivity and avoid contact with other equipment, or pedestrians, the trucks are equipped with reversing signs and flashing lights

  • Gates attached to the operator seats prevent the truck from being moved if the hates are left open

  • Minimised downtime is achieved thanks to the all-inclusive 72 month service contract from Hyster and its local distribution partner

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