Cut total cost of ownership by monitoring operational data

Plant operations are complicated, requiring a nearly limitless number of moving parts to work together seamlessly. Especially in large fleets, fleet managers don’t have the ability to oversee operational details for individual trucks. Even when functioning properly, inefficiency in a single component, process or piece of equipment can have a major impact on the overall uptime and output of the business. Furthermore, operator compliance with various health and safety regulations is critical for organizational success, avoidance of injuries and costly fines.

Today’s telematics and fleet management tools allow lift truck owners to accurately monitor and measure truck data to make operational decisions that improve maintenance, reduce energy cost and maximize operator productivity—all resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.


Telemetry is the process of remotely capturing specific measurements and other meaningful data in its given application. In addition to tracking, recording and reporting data, a telemetry system allows managers to remotely command or otherwise exert real-time control over the equipped machinery.