Safety innovations for constantly evolving operations

There is no question that safety is critical in the materials handling industry.

Each year, approximately one out of every 10 forklifts is involved in an accident in the United States, leading to serious injuries and deaths.

However, OSHA also estimates that approximately 70 percent of these accidents could be avoided through better adherence to standardized training and safety procedures. Which, in turn, can help decrease occupational injuries and associated costs.

Warehouse managers must carefully evaluate the technologies available to determine which are most suitable for their operations, lift trucks and employees. After all, safety is a true team effort.


Rather than using existing truck designs and outfitting them with new power options via battery box replacements, Hyster has introduced a lift truck designed around the form factor of a lithium-ion battery pack. This approach enables several ergonomic enhancements that can keep operators more comfortable and alert all shift long, and ultimately help contribute to operational safety.