Special Products Engineering Department


Unique solutions for unique customer needs

With the services of its Special Products Engineering Department (SPED), Hyster can customise a solution for unusual needs or special applications where custom forklifts are required. 

Awkward loads, restricted space, hazardous environments or a simple paint job in corporate colours, Hyster is ready to overcome the most complex materials handling challenges and deliver a truly bespoke solution.

A small proportion of all Hyster output is completely unique, particularly on high capacity forklift trucks, which is why Hyster has a dedicated Special Projects Engineering Department (SPED) operating in each factory. 

Right first time

The very beginning of the specification process is critical for any forklift order and local Hyster teams work tirelessly to get this “right first time”.  However, when there is a custom requirement, Hyster advises linking the relevant SPED team with the customer directly from the start to ensure accurate specification, successful delivery and lifetime support.

Experience is an essential factor and Hyster has a proven record across many industry sectors and application type.

What's possible?

The majority of challenges are specific to the individual customer application and Hyster almost always finds a solution to a particular handling problem. Below are just some of the most common:

Counterbalance (electric rider and ICE) and warehouse equipment

  • Reach Truck for cold store operation with cab, heated seats and camera unit.
  • Explosion protection for almost all models for safe operation within hazardous areas and compliance with ATEX 94/9/EC (or local regulations).
  • A raised operator cab is possible in almost all counterbalance models to help improve visibility over tall loads.  This is particularly popular in the drinks industry.
  • CNG powered counterbalance trucks for operations where a CNG infrastructure is already in place.  This is popular at pallet networks and airports.
  • VNA with walk on platform for stacking large items at height manually.  This is popular in home furnishings warehouses.
  • VNA with up to 17m lift heights or Reach Trucks with 12m lift heights for use in the tallest warehouses.
  • Pallet trucks with extra long forks to carry additional load.
  • Attachments for loads of almost any size, shape or weight.
  • Hyster components are some of the most robust and durable in the industry, however some environments are corrosive requiring extra protection.

High capacity forklift trucks (over 8 tonnes lift capacity)

  • With the growth in wind energy, an increasing number of Hyster ReachStackers are modified to handle turbine blades, hubs or tower sections.
  • Hyster® ReachStackers are modified to provide negative lift so that containers can be lifted from a barge below the level of a quayside in the third row.
  • Forklifts which have been developed to provide 52, 54 and 56 tonnes lift capacity means a longer wheelbase and re-enforced mast.
  • Modifications of high capacity forklift trucks for operation in extreme cold such as in Alaska or extreme heat where, for example, hot metal is handled requiring hydraulics and other components to be protected.