P2.0 Pedestrian Low Lift Pallet Truck

Pedestrian Low Lift Pallet Truck


A super tough pallet truck that can boost throughput in any operation, helping to reduce ‘per pallet’ transportation costs every shift.

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Easy access vertically mounted AC drive motor
  • Exclusive Intelligent Lift™ option
  • Adjustable performance settings
  • Shortened mid-mounted Tiller head positions
Industry Best

This is a tough pedestrian pallet truck designed for intense indoor pallet transportation and vehicle loading and unloading.

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A dependable pallet truck giving outstanding durability and reliability, prolonged shift life and a low cost of operation.

Proven to be 7% more energy-efficient than its predecessor, Hyster® Powered Pallet Trucks boost trailer loading productivity by up to 11%.

Heavy-duty frame

One of the heaviest drive unit frames in the industry increases loaded stability. The integrated drive unit linking the mounting and hydraulic cylinder mounting, improves durability and reliability. By designing the frame of the truck to better engage and the support the pallet, the stability of the truck is increased with the load. The drive frame is constructed out of heavy duty steel with a highly engineered drive unit casing making this one of the heaviest drive frames in the industry. Placed at the backbone of the truck, the two create the strongest drive end in it’s class.

The heavy duty casing replaces fabricated components for increased strength and durability and concentrates all of the forces of the truck to an intelligent, highly engineered component.

Easy access vertically mounted AC drive motor

Intelligent Lift™ enables the operator to start transporting the pallet before the unit is at full lift. Equipped with this option, will automatically lift the pallet to maximum fork height without having to continually hold the lift button. As a result of this action of lifting whilst traveling, Intelligent Lift™ can reduce cycle times by up to 17%.

In conjunction with Intelligent Lift™, the turtle function can be engaged at any position in the run zone. When the handle is in the run zone, and the turtle function is selected the truck switches in turtle mode which slows the speed and acceleration of the truck providing the operator with greater control in congested areas. When the tiller head is in the upper brake zone the operator can press and hold the turtle button to manoeuvre the truck minimising the profile and improving manoeuvrability inside a lorry.

Exclusive Intelligent Lift™ option

The shortened fork tip length and a low-profile bumper to provide a tight right angle turn for easier right angle stacking, equal aisle placement and improving manoeuvrability. The fork tips are tapered with blunt ends to allow for repositioning pallets and enhance pallet entry.
The design is ideally suited for “pinwheeling” applications which allows for and extra 10% more pallets to be added to each truck, reducing per pallet transportation costs.

Adjustable performance settings

The shortened mid-mounted tiller head, vertically mounted drive motor assembly and intelligent designed ergonomics make the P1.6-2.2 pallet truck easier and more comfortable to operate. It has one of the largest run zones in the industry, enabling the truck to be operated comfortably by a wide variety of operators. The tiller has a light hold down effort and little exertion is required by the operator to move the handle to the run zone and to easily maintain it’s position. The mid-mounted tiller head positions the operator closer to the truck giving excellent visibility of the load and fork tips when entering a pallet. The large turnable bearing and standard rubber tyre reduce the effort required to turn the steer wheel.

Shortened mid-mounted Tiller head positions

The enclosed full AC drive motor is vertically mounted within the drive frame and is well protected from splashes and debris. The motor remains stationary during steering to protect power cables from wear and strain, while the external speed sensor is easy to access,
reducing servicing costs.

Easily accessible and intelligently designed components, along with a display showing diagnostic service codes, helps to minimise downtime during routine maintenance.



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