RICO’s standard for excellence in design, manufacturing and installation results in the best EX-rated lift trucks on the market today.

EX Rated Equipment

Exposure to explosive gases and combustible dusts could result in a disastrous situation with non-compliant equipment. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, food, paint, pharmaceuticals, plastics and more require the use of certified EX equipment. An EX rated truck is an electrically powered truck that is designed, constructed, and assembled so that it can be used in atmospheres containing specifically named flammable vapors, dusts, and fibers.
These RICO products are approved for operation in Class 1, Division 1 & 2, Group D; Class 2, Division 1 & 2, Group G; Hazardous Environment.

Checklist icon for rigorous testing

Rigorous Testing

Built to UL583 specifications and approved by FM Global, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

Protected Surfaces icon

Protected Surfaces

Exposed components on the perimeter of the truck, including forks, are protected with brass and aluminum alloys eliminating the possibility of mechanical sparking.

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Low Cost of Ownership

Easy access to serviceable components. Battery box eliminates the need for an EX battery. Industry standard components for local servicing and dealer sourcing.

Explosion Proof

4 Wheel Cushion Tire Electric Forklifts

Explosion Proof

Pallet Walkie Handlers


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