H40-70A Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift Truck
IC Pneumatic Tire Lift Truck - Hyster H40-70A

ICE Pneumatic Tire

Forklift safety is key; dynamic stability is standard


Start with a singular base configuration, then add only what you need to best suit your operational needs — no more, no less. By designing a completely unique internal combustion forklift, you get the comfort and performance you desire, plus the cost benefit of only paying for what your operators and operation need in order to perform optimally.

  • Dynamic Stability System (DSS)
  • Operator-Centric Design
  • Exceptional Forklift Visibility
  • Keep Costs Under Control
  • Operator Assistance Systems
Industry Sectors

Building Materials
Chemicals & Plastics
Mining, Energy & Construction
Home Centers & Other Durables
Rental Stores
Retail & E-Commerce

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Dynamic Stability System (DSS)

The maintenance-free Dynamic Stability System DSS solution reduces the likelihood of tip overs and reminds forklift operators of safe operating practices by monitoring operating conditions and automatically limiting truck functionality when potentially unsafe conditions are detected.*

To take your operational safety to the next level, pair DSS with a professional grade forklift training program and optional Hyster Tracker telematics. When you start operators with a solid training foundation, put Hyster DSS technology in play, and enable supervisors with Hyster Tracker to monitor operator performance in real time, you have the right tools to improve safety in your work environment.

Take Operational Safety To the Next Level - Hyster DSS

* While lift truck systems support safe operation and help minimize the potential for tip overs, proper operation of the lift truck and 100% full-time utilization of the truck’s seat belt are the primary and best means of keeping the truck and operator upright and safe. Refer to the operator and service manuals for proper operation and maintenance.

  • Seat and step are close together, making entry and exit easier 
  • Large step provides a greater foothold for the forklift operator
  • Flip-up armrests are included with optional suspension seats
  • Large floor space
  • Dynamic seat adjustment provides up to 25% more forward & backward seat flexibility than the leading competitor*
  • Greater head and shoulder clearance than the leading competitor
  • Foot-activated, hand-released parking brake is designed to tuck out of the way when applied, enabling unobstructed entry and exit
  • Standard, full-color touch-screen display

* Compared to Toyota 8 Series 8FGU25 model. Competitive comparison data validated through internal testing.

  • A low dash and a wide forklift mast give the operator excellent visibility of the fork tips
  • High-strength laminated glass roof provides an unobstructed upward view 
  • The wide viewing window through the mast enhances visibility of forks and load

The robust  Yanmar industrial engine is designed to create increased service intervals. Other standard components such as tapered roller bearings, O-ring face seals, and double-sealed electrical connectors require less frequent maintenance. Optional components are available to further reduce maintenance time and cost:

  • On-demand cooling with reversing fan
  • On-demand hydraulic system
  • Wet disc brakes
  • Advanced Duramatch™ electronic transmission

  • Rear-Facing Camera with corresponding LCD rear view display
  • Spotlight and pedestrian awareness light options, mounting positions, colors and control methods
  • Optional shelf height selector with one-touch activation
  • Slim, LED, mast mounted work lights
  • Optional LPG tank bracket interlock
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Overall Width Weight Engine Transmission
H40A 1814kg 610mm 5100mm 2191mm 1160 / 1280mm 3450kg Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch
H50A 2268kg 610mm 5100mm 2263mm 1160 / 1280mm 3820kg Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch
H60A 2722kg 610mm 5100mm 2374mm 1186 / 1353mm 4490kg Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch
H70A 3175kg 610mm 5100mm 2449mm 1186 / 1353mm 4840kg Yanmar 2.1L Diesel / Yanmar 2.2L LPG Powershift 1-speed / Duramatch

Support throughout the lift truck life cycle

Knowledgeable, reliable dealers make all the difference

When it comes to collaborating with a lift truck dealer, you can’t settle – you need dealers wholly focused on your success. When you purchase equipment or technology solutions from Yale Lift Truck Technologies, you gain access to our independent dealer network. “Independent” means our dealers are not constrained by factory ownership or corporate red tape.

Our dealers are entirely focused on fulfilling your needs

  • A seamless experience, from order to factory to ongoing support
  • Effective recommendations and responsive support, from parts, maintenance and
    emergency services to fleet management, rental trucks and operator training.
  • Expertise and guidance on special features and allied products and services for your
    warehouse, like racking, guarding and safety equipment.
  • Assistance with financing options.
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Forklift safety is critical in the materials handling industry. That’s why we’ve engineered the Hyster® Dynamic Stability System (DSS) into every A Series model. The innovative system helps support confidence and promote safe operating practices for forklift operators. Click through each aspect to learn more.

Lateral forklift stability system

DSS Lateral Stability

Reduces lift truck lean in turns, helping to improve lateral stability. The innovative steer axle design allows for superior travel over uneven surfaces. The system is 100% maintenance free, with no controller, sensors or wiring.

High-lift traction control

DSS traction control

Limits truck speed when the carriage is raised above the height threshold. Operator will receive a visual indicator on the truck display and an audible alert.

High-lift tilt control

DSS tilt control

Limits tilt speed and forward tilt range when the carriage is raised above the height threshold while carrying a load. Operator will receive a visual indicator on the lift truck display and an audible alert.

Corner control

DSS corner control

Dynamically limits speed when driving around corners, based on how tightly the truck is turning. Operator will receive a visual indicator on the forklift display and an audible alert.

DSS Lateral Stability DSS traction control DSS tilt control DSS corner control



Hyster Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

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